World Population Day: Earth’s inequalities

////World Population Day: Earth’s inequalities

World Population Day: Earth’s inequalities

There are 7.5 billion people on Earth, with 150 people being added to that every minute. July 11 is World Population Day, a UN-designated event focusing on resource distribution, overcrowding and the future.

To get an idea of how the world’s population is distributed on the various continents, it helps to scale down the numbers. That’s exactly what researchers with the 100 People project did. If you follow their prompt and imagine that the world as a village with a population of 100, there’d be 60 people from Asia, but only 5 from North America.

Of the villagers, 25 would be children aged 14 and younger, 66 would be between 15 and 64 years old and 9 would be seniors aged 65 and older. 86 of the people in World Village would be able to read and write, 14 would not. Only 7 people would hold a college degree.

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