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Sterling Speirn – Impact Investing

“In the following clip, John Hoffmire, a leader of our organizations, interviews Sterling Speirn, who at the time was the CEO and President of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the sixth largest foundation in the world


John Hoffmire – CRISP

John Hoffmire – Crowdfunding

One of two videos in the series focus on crowdfunding and peer to peer lending, which is now a credible source of alternative financing. The first video is a short teaser and the second is the full twenty-minute video that looks at Crowdfunding in terms of the opportunities that this type of lending offers, how it has developed, those benefitting, the surrounding regulatory framework and how it has now become a mainstream international funding option.






Daniel Johnson – Is there a relationship between formal education and entrepreneurial success?



Board of Advisor Videos:


Tuck Minority Programs Faculty Director, Leonard Greenhalgh:


Clayton Christensen – What Causes Development    

Clayton Christensen, a founding board of advisor member of our organizations, gave the keynote address at the 10 year anniversary of our organizations. Here is the entire 40 minute presentation on What Causes Development:




Don Kennedy – Energy Issues

Don Kennedy, Former Stanford University President and past head of the FDA, speaking at a SIEPR conference on Energy Issues:



Darryl Rigby – Innovation & Look Before You Lay-off

Darryl Rigby: Director, Bain & Company, on the topics of :

1) Innovation in Turbulent Times

2) Look Before You Lay Off




Corey Rosen – Employee Ownership

Corey Rosen, Senior Staff Member at the NCEO: On the topic of:

Employee Ownership




Clare Gaudiani – Generosity Unbound

Gaudiani, Lecturer, Heyman Center, NYU and former President at Connecticut College: On the topic of:

Generosity Unbound

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