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Should you “internationalise” your social enterprise?

In 2015 Samuel Kalika was looking to set up a creative project in Portugal. But his idea “completely tilted”, he says, when he arrived and saw the extent of poor-quality housing in the country, contributing to high mortality rates in winter. Today, he’s the founder and director of Critical Concrete, a company that researches and educates on sustainable

Sweden and social enterprise: Making the new national strategy count

The past year has seen growing interest in sustainable business in Sweden. This was particularly noticeable at July’s Almedalen conference – the annual Swedish get-together of everything politics, business and civil society. Originally a ‘politics week’ when it started 50 years ago, Almedalen has become more of a business forum with over 4,000 seminars and panel discussions

This Entrepreneur Got A Funder To Say: “Here’s $1 Million. Do Whatever You Want”

Over the years, I’ve interviewed countless entrepreneurs -- and one thing I always hear is how difficult it is to raise money. Particularly if you're a woman, the stats are dismal. I recently helped produce this inspiring podcast on Rana Dajani, who has transformed a small nonprofit into a sprawling social enterprise that has helped foster a

Where Is The Ethical Tech?

Where indeed? With the increasing frequency and strength of tech companies coming a cropper, from Facebook being heralded as a threat to democracy on account of its unregulated media power or Uber being fined into the millions in both the U.K. and U.S. on account of data breaches the organisation grossly mishandled, what’s evident is that closer examination of

How This Millennial Created A Stylish Solution To Address Poverty

When Caleigh Hernandez picked up a pair of beaded sandals in a Ugandan market, she was in awe of the delicate bead work and craftsmanship. The California college student was living with a family in Uganda, while working at a community-based organization. The vibrant sandals were such a contrast to everything else in the craft

Workers increasingly want employers to address societal problems

Dive Brief: American workers want more social responsibility from their employers, according to the latest Role of the Company Survey, an annual poll from MetLife. Of the respondents, 70% think their companies should address societal problems, up from 63% in 2017. And just over half (52%) expect their employer to solve problems, an increase from last

The Case For Compassionate Leadership

Stories about extraordinary people who model compassionate leadership are fascinating and can provide inspiration for developing this ability. Compassionate leaders acknowledge our universal interconnectedness and use their influence to make a positive impact on others and the planet. These leaders are courageous, contemplative, collaborative and care about the world they will leave behind. Compassionate leadership

How to Create the Conditions for Social Intrapreneurs to Thrive

“We are past, ‘Should we?’ The question now is, ‘How?’” At a recent event in New York, New York, Mehmood Kahn, chief scientific officer at Pepsico, framed the challenge on the mind of many company leaders who have committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In other words, the ambition is set, but how will companies deliver? The

Why should companies care about social responsibility?

Over time, the relationship between business and society has evolved. Business has had a significant impact on the way we travel, homes we inhabit, foods we eat, and conveniences we enjoy. Every product and service we enjoy is a testament to the positive differences businesses have made in our everyday lives. But has this improved

Three Strategies For Melding Performance And Purpose In The New Social Enterprise

It used to be that businesses were judged almost exclusively on financial performance: Were they profitable? Did they generate returns for investors? Now, we’re seeing a whole new set of expectations for business, including the demand to play a deeper role in society. We call this “the rise of the social enterprise.” Now, organizations must

Laundry for the Homeless Reveals Russian Suspicion Over Social Enterprise

When social entrepreneur Daria Alexeyeva joined forces with a charity to open Moscow's first free laundry for the homeless, the last thing she expected were accusations of profiteering. "We thought that we were bringing something (so special) to Moscow that the only reaction would be: 'Wow, is this really happening here, in Russia?'," she told

This Social Enterprise Is Future Proofing Marine Sustainability In The UK

Caroline Bennett has always been a pioneer - both in business and taste. The founder of Moshi Moshi, the first conveyor belt sushi restaurant, she laughingly recalls: “Back in the early 90s when you wanted to get a loan, you had to visit individual bank managers to make your case. I went to 17 different

Why sustainable business isn’t enough

It would be a monumental achievement for many companies. But if all of these ‘sins’ were minus points on a numerical scale, we’d only be moving towards zero. Sustainable, responsible business is the zero point. If companies found no ‘modern slavery’ in their supply chain, we’d be at the zero point. If we didn’t wreck

Social vs. Traditional Enterprise Is A False Dichotomy

A couple of weeks ago, former New York Times columnist Anand Giridharadas published Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World. Giridharadas deconstructs the role of the rich and powerful in modern society, and scrutinizes the activities of high-profile philanthropists. The book has the potential to radically change how we as a society think about social

The Big Issue and social investment has been changing lives for over 25 years

The first copies of The Big Issue magazine went on sale in 1991. Since then, it has helped more than 100,000 people affected by homelessness and poverty. While the magazine remains a key part of what The Big Issue Group does, it has also moved in new directions, and helped other social businesses to grow by

3 Lessons Impact Investors Can Learn From ‘Winners Take All’

Anand Giridharadas’ recent book, Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World, evoked a common response from many impact investors—the desire to hide under the nearest table. His book calls out, as his subtitle not so subtly implies, that those who have economic power not only have little incentive to implement the type of

Global Gathering for Good Sees Young, Bright Future for Business

Young people are driving the growth of businesses that benefit society and the environment, the organizer of a global gathering of ethical entrepreneurs said as it opens Wednesday. Some 1,500 people are meeting in Edinburgh as the 10th Social Enterprise World Forum — one of the most important networking events for the sector — returned to its

Video: Yes, CEOs, You Do Need To Speak Up On Social Issues

In Deloitte's 2018 study of global human capital trends, "The Rise of the Social Enterprise," we interviewed many CEOs and found them often in a quandary about how to treat social issues. Ken Frazier, the CEO of Merck, told us he struggled to decide how to play out the Charlottesville topic and eventually decided to speak out, exit

This Pioneer In Social Enterprise Still Leading Innovation After 3 Decades

Echoing Green has been investing in social entrepreneurs and innovation for nearly three decades. One lesson stands out, says President Cheryl Dorsey: “The leader is the secret sauce of any great social enterprise.” Throughout its history, Echoing Green has been granting fellowships to innovators who had little more than an idea to change the world. Its accumulated data suggests