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The biggest obstacle to America’s retirement security

Despite what we hear from uninformed politicians, conflicted lobbyists, the pandering mass media and most of the 401(k) industry, the biggest obstacle to solving the retirement crisis is the lack of engagement among the senior management at companies that sponsor retirement plans. To understand better, let’s review the philosophy behind and the history of the

We’ll Live to 100: Confronting the ‘Savings Gap’

A few generations ago, the average global life expectancy at birth was only 34 years. Today, thanks to falling poverty rates and expanding global wealth, the average life expectancy has more than doubled to 71—meaning roughly half of the babies born in the developed world in 2017 are expected to live past 100. That individuals

More than three quarters of employees want financial education at work

Some 76% of employees believe improved financial education at work would significantly help them cope with life issues like planning for retirement, according to research by Capita Employee Benefits. It reveals that 20% think their work has been affected as a result of financial worries, while a third have lost sleep because of them –