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More investors are putting their money where their beliefs are

It used to be fairly simple to pick companies considered socially responsible investments. All an investor had to do was avoid business associated with alcohol, tobacco, weapons and gambling. That approach to ethical investing would greenlight just about any company involved in health care or technology with little or no regard for how the company

Sexual Harassment Screens Making It Into ETF ESG World

If there's one hot topic that Americans may remember about 2017, it's the wave of sexual harassment cases that took the corporate world by storm. From famous actors, producers and entertainers to newscasters, big corporate figures and politicians, the Harvey Weinstein epidemic has cost many their jobs, reputations and marriages. But as the stories continue to

This New Blockchain Protocol Wants To Create Accountability For Social Impact

As philanthropists and impact investors pour money into social and environmentally focused businesses and projects, a nagging question often hovers over their efforts: Is the capital actually ending up where it is intended, and is it delivering impact in a measurable, tangible manner? The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), an industry group, says that investors

The Growth of Impact Investing

The first article in our series highlighted that impact investing is more than a fad. In fact, impact investing has a rich history that dates back to Biblical times, with institutions becoming meaningful players in the US in the 18th century. During the last decade, however, we’ve witnessed more broad-based adoption of impact investing by individual

Americans Don’t Want To Get Caught Buying From A Company Exploiting The Planet

Every day, you dutifully separate your recyclables from your trash. Then you notice your neighbor just skips the hassle and tosses everything into a single garbage can. “What’s wrong with that guy?” You’re not alone in your annoyance. Much like the shift we went through on smoking and littering, we’re clearly in the middle of a

5 Noteworthy Happenings In Social Enterprise And Impact Investing In 2017

As we bid goodbye to 2017, let’s take the opportunity to look back at some significant happenings and trends in the world of social enterprise and impact investing. Blockchain for good. An increasing number of social enterprises started tapping blockchain technology, the digital tech underlying Bitcoin, to give struggling low-income people who conduct transactions in cash

2018 Sneak Peek: What to Expect of Impact Investing

Impact investing—the strategy of investing in companies with the intent of bettering the environment and society while still earning a market rate-of-return—gained momentum in 2017 amid rising investor interest and high-profile opportunities from the likes of alternative-investment firms TPG and Bain Capital Management. TPG raised $2 billion for The Rise Fund, a social impact private-equity fund, while

Impact Investors Make Strides in Measuring Results

Impact investing has two clear goals: create a positive social or environmental impact and generate market-rate returns. As a financial endeavor, it’s easy to figure out whether an investment succeeds based on how much money it makes. If you invest $1,000 and earn a 10% return, you can pocket that $1,100. But how does an

Measuring and managing impact performance for better business decisions

It is hard to miss the incredible growth and attention that impact investments have achieved in recent years. With a near constant stream of high-profile individuals and firms making impact investments, the industry is featured in the pages of newspapers and financial magazines on a daily basis. But one of the industry’s most impressive areas

Impact investing: A $250 billion game-changer for finance

Making money is the lifeblood of Wall Street. Making the world a better place not so much. Now that's starting to change, as some of the biggest names in finance adjust their businesses to reflect growing demand for impact investments. "It's a $250 billion market and it's growing fast," said Michael Baldinger, a 30-year industry

Impact investing in fisheries evolving slowly but surely

Impact investing—investing for social and environmental benefit along with profit—is increasingly playing a leading role in addressing problems plaguing the marine environment. The movement seeks to fund efforts by improving fisheries management, gathering reliable data, controlling overfishing, and reducing bycatch and waste, all while protecting artisanal fishers from losing their livelihoods. Projects aimed at these

Five Tips For Conscious Investing In 2018

At age 20, I launched my first company from my college dorm room. Since then, I’ve built and invested in companies as diverse as renewable water, sustainable agriculture and financial access. In all of these ventures, I’ve been motivated by the same strong purpose: to put my capital to work building a more sustainable, equitable

More & More Millennials Choosing Socially Responsible & Moral Investing

Over three-quarters of Millennial investors are currently choosing to or are interested in investing their finances in socially responsible and impacting investment options that aim to create positive change in the world, according to a new report published by investing platform Swell Investing. Swell Investing — “an impact investing platform that aims to deliver profit as

These New Funds Let You Invest According To Your Values–And Help Nonprofits

If you don’t like the idea of investing in companies with poor records on issues like sexual harassment in the workplace or gender diversity in boardrooms, here’s a new option for you. The Impact Shares YWCA Women’s Empowerment ETF, launching in the first quarter of 2018, only contains the shares of companies with high grades

Want to improve the world? These investors will help

Starting a business is tricky enough. Starting a business with a mission to improve the lives of millions or save the planet is even harder. So-called "social entrepreneurs" face bigger challenges than other company founders in converting their ideas into viable businesses. Investors are harder to find, and there are fewer established networks to provide

More Proof That Impact Investing Can Generate Returns

For impact investing to grow beyond a niche strategy, both individuals and institutions are seeking evidence that investing for a better social or environmental outcome—like more affordable housing or clean water—also results in good financial performance. In a report released earlier this month, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) compiled  research from more than a dozen

To prevent climate-related disasters, invest differently

A major blackout hit Puerto Rico’s most populated region last week, deepening the recovery crisis that has plagued the U.S. Commonwealth since Hurricane Maria hit almost two months ago. As Maria -- as well as recent disasters in Houston, Florida and northern California -- have reminded us, nature is a very fickle, but also dependable

Impact Investing Is Being Democratized—and Marginalized Communities Are Benefiting

Entrepreneurship. It’s the creative juice that fuels the economy. It is also one of the most effective tools we have to chip away at the growing wealth gap. Business ownership has long provided a path to economic mobility and wealth creation, at least for those with the resources to get started. Yet many valid new

Sustainable investment joins the mainstream

In 2008, when she was in her mid-20s and sitting on a $500m inheritance, Liesel Pritzker Simmons asked her bankers about “impact investing”. They fobbed her off. “They didn’t understand what I meant and offered to screen out tobacco,” recalls the Hyatt Hotels descendant, philanthropist and former child film star. So she fired her bankers