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How tech and investment could help feed the many

Last year, 124 million people around the world faced food crises that required humanitarian action. The figures from the United Nations Food Programme show that more than 39 million people starved as a result of droughts. With so many people affected, it would be easy to assume that there is not enough food to feed the world’s growing

Why Foundations Should Step Up Their Game In Impact Investing

There’s a growing number of people in the world of social entrepreneurship focused on not just building impact-oriented companies, but on creating a more fundamental systemic change. With that in mind, 45 impact investors, researchers and others recently met at a two-and-a-half day pow-wow in Sheffield, Mass., to focus on one important piece of the

A fixed-income investor’s guide to impact investing

As impact investing continues to grow — and into a nearly $9 trillion market, at that — many investors still remain focused on the equity side of their portfolios when it comes to aligning their holdings with their values. That doesn't mean there aren't opportunities for investors to be impactful with their fixed-income capital, as well.

Finding More Investment Support for Gender-Diverse Founding Teams

Attending a startup conference often feels like an anthropological study in contrasts. Growing unease sets in alongside the convenience of an empty women’s bathroom, while, on the other side of the door, male-dominated panels on gender diversity attempt to break down the cause for female-starved investment portfolios. Women are advised to apologize less, make bolder

Millennials driving growing popularity of impact investing

A new study from American Century Investments has found that though impact investment is growing in popularity across age groups, the socially-conscious investment movement’s most enthusiastic proponents are Millennials. Impact investing is a growing trend of investing in organizations that will create beneficial societal impact as well as financial returns. Impact capital can be invested

SRI, ESG And Impact Investing – A Natural Evolution For Investment Management?

Summary Exploring the differences and applications of SRI, ESG And Impact Investing from one independent money manager's practical experience that argues they should be integrated in core investment processes and thinking. In today’s business environment, social investing methodologies can add a series of new astute business analysis factors and be seen as a natural evolution

LGPS should embrace impact investing

There have been occasions over the last few decades when a new concept, investment approach or asset class has suddenly attracted interest and, within a matter of months it seems, everyone is talking about it. A fuse is lit and, in no time at all, the fire catches. So it is with impact investment –

Impact Investing: The Intersection Of Funding Founders Of Color

In the past couple of years, lots of capital has poured into social impact businesses, taking pages out of the original black investors playbook. Since venture capital funds have long sought out high growth companies with strong bottom lines, factoring in a new level of consciousness can be tricky. The Breakdown You Need to Know

Impact investing explained

Impact Investing entails investing in companies and organisations which seek to produce a positive social and environmental impact as well as generating a financial return. There are many types of impact investing funds which influence many different sectors in both developed and emerging markets. Certain considerations relate to impacting investing decisions. These are: ESG (environment,

Sustainable investing: can you do well by doing good?

Ireland’s sovereign wealth fund is set to divest from fossil fuel stocks, the Church of Ireland has pledged to do likewise by 2022, while Norway’s $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest, doesn’t invest in tobacco shares and has proposed steering clear of oil and gas stocks. Sustainable investment is becoming increasingly mainstream, but

Investment needed to #SaveOurOceans

Circulate Capital was launched earlier this month to direct investment at innovation tackling the devastation being caused by plastics in the ocean. With the prospect that “by 2050 oceans could contain more plastics than fish (by weight)” – according to one report – there is an urgent need for impact investment that supports solutions designed to avert this doomsday

The future of impact investing is here

As we continue to function in a growing global economy and the population continues to expand, businesses and corporations are taking a more active role in problem solving. I am not referring to concerns about internal auditing, supply chain challenges or language barriers. Instead, companies and individuals are taking a more significant role in solving

How to Attract the Socially Conscious Investor

In any industry, the guiding principle for a CEO is simple: Don’t run out of money. For established companies, this means managing profits and losses for the benefit of stakeholders; for growth-stage businesses, it means finding investors to finance your next big move. If balancing these goals is keeping you up at night, rest assured

The Next Step in Impact Investing: Breaking the Shackles of Extractive Thinking

An increasing number of investors—individuals and institutions alike—are deploying capital in more socially and environmentally conscious ways. Under the present economic system, which endlessly extracts natural and capital resources, and leads to ever greater wealth concentration, that’s a shift worth celebrating. Yet even impact investments rarely stray from the conventional investment approach that prioritizes capital

How impact investing can tackle the plastic crisis

Whether we like it or not, plastic is useful. And it’s versatile, used daily to keep food fresh, make contactless payments, hold shopping and to brush our teeth. Yet, despite a turning point in public attitudes towards waste, plastic continues to litter streets, rivers and oceans, and is causing irreversible damage to the planet. As organisations

Looking Past the Labels

People putting their money into environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments might be in for disappointment, Greenchip Financial’s John Cook said. ESG funds, which select companies for their broader environmental and social impact on top of performance, include a lot of big names whose business has little to do with reducing pollution, Greenchip president Cook

Impact investing needs to break out of its niche

In the 10 years since the term was coined, impact investing has seen incredible success with a swell of support from governments and investors all over the world. But while it is easy to look at this momentum and interpret the growth of the industry as a triumph, when we start to look at the

5 Things About Sustainable Investing in the First Half of 2018

The first big thing about sustainable investing came along in January, when the head of BlackRock--the world's largest asset manager--urged CEOs to think long term, benefit all their stakeholders, and make a positive contribution to society. In so doing, Fink was not urging them to make less money. Just the opposite, he was urging them

Impact investment: making money while doing good

A decade ago, little did investment banker Jennifer Pryce imagine how the struggle of the New York Public Theatre to access a loan would steer her career into a whole new direction. Namely, toward impact investment, in which investors seek to achieve financial, but also social and environmental returns. “It was not until I volunteered