Paving the Way to Healthy Homes

///Paving the Way to Healthy Homes

Paving the Way to Healthy Homes

On a cool May morning in eastern Rwanda, in the early days of harvest season, an American businesswoman named Gayatri Datar is driving out to meet some of her customers, almost all of whom are farmers of the poorest sort.

Datar and a few passengers bounce along a rutted road in a truck tattooed with the logo Tube Heza, which in the region’s Kinyarwanda language means “live beautifully.” The pickup rumbles through quiet villages into even quieter farmland beyond. Children rush from tiny adobe houses to wave as it passes. Beside the road, teenage boys use long poles to thwack piles of bean vines and loosen the pods. Beans are both a staple and a cash crop in this sector. Women sit on the ground shucking beans, while others spread them out to dry: red with red, yellow with yellow.

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