New “smart neighborhood” planned for Highland Park

////New “smart neighborhood” planned for Highland Park

New “smart neighborhood” planned for Highland Park

Thompson Elementary School in Highland Park has been vacant for 20 years. It’s a scrapped-out shell of a building, reflecting the economic troubles of the city overall.

But now, there’s a plan for it. The proposed Parker Village project will convert the school into a community center surrounded by energy efficient, net-zero homes that its developer, Juan Shannon, is calling a “smart neighborhood.”

The plan is for the community to incorporate renewable energy sources and technologies like motion-sensing street lights, electric vehicle charging stations, and aquaponic gardens.

Shannon is seeking grants and equity partners to complete funding for the project. It will be a for-profit business, partnered with nonprofits for programs and activities. “That way we could give back to the community but also be involved in social enterprise,” says Shannon.

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