Entrepreneur inspires girls to pursue education

///Entrepreneur inspires girls to pursue education

Entrepreneur inspires girls to pursue education

Roberta Lindal’s start-up began with a ‘happily ever after’.

Lindal, BA’14, credits an early mentor for sparking her idea to create clothing that inspires girls to pursue their education, and help others who face incredible obstacles in their learning.

“This amazing boss of mine used to tell her 5-year-old daughter fairy tales, but would change the ending from, ‘… and they both lived happily ever after’ to ‘… and they both went and got their engineering degrees,’” Lindal explained.

“It’s brilliant – and she’s right. We need to encourage girls to pick up books, not Barbies, starting at those tender ages.”

With that as her focus, she started La Petite Écolière, a girlswear line without the ubiquitous princesses, fairies and unicorns. Instead, Lindal’s designs underscore what she asserts Pink Floyd got wrong – we do need education.

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