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Sir Ronald launches an “Impact Revolution”

The man who has become known as “the father of impact investing” has called on leaders across business, government and civil society to join an “Impact Revolution”. Sir Ronald Cohen made the call to arms at the Global Steering Group for Impact Investing's annual summit in Delhi. “Comrades,” Sir Ronald said, “it’s clear that capitalism in its

Three Ways Politicians Can Turbo-Charge The Impact Revolution

This week, almost 1,000 people from 54 countries around the world gathered in Delhi  to talk about the future of impact investing. The event, which was organised by the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (the successor to the G8 Taskforce on Social Investment) brought together investors, entrepreneurs, politicians and policymakers to hear from the likes of

How Impact Investing Can Reduce Maternal Mortality

In the developing regions of the world, only half of women receive adequate health care. Globally, women of all ages face gender-based inequalities, exclusions, discrimination and violence when it comes to accessing health care. Every two minutes a woman dies during pregnancy and childbirth — or more than 800 women a day. Most of these deaths

Millennials And Impact Investing: A Striking Pair For A Broadening Sector (Video)

Go to any social impact conference, and you will probably hear, “Soon, there will be no ‘impact’ investing. It will simply be investing.” Indeed, with a rising group of Millennial investors rushing the field, the idea that impact investing might soon dominate investors’ way of thinking is increasingly conceivable. A study released this year found that “more

The business students of today want to ‘do well by doing good’

Top universities often tout their MBAs as a path to high-paying jobs and a powerful network. But a growing number of students are more interested in learning how to change the world through business. Students at Columbia Business School in New York are among those leading the way. They founded Microlumbia, an impact investment fund, which

Sustainable investing is attracting strong support

Sustainable investing is experiencing strong demand from investors as sustainability themed investments start to demonstrate outperformance over traditional non-sustainable assets. This is coupled with increasing demand from Millennial investors looking to align their choice of asset classes with their environmental and social values, and with long-term trusted fund managers. The combination of both profit and

When it comes to human rights, companies need to show impact on the ground

Imagine for a second that you’ve just been hired as the new head of sustainability for a large, transnational company. You arrive at your desk the first morning, and find a long list of policies and programmes that the company has put in place to ensure respect for human rights across its supply chain. You

A More Enlightened Approach to SDG Investing

We’ve been reading Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, Steven Pinker’s recent book that Bill Gates called in his blog, “my new favorite book of all time.” We can see why: Pinker argues that the ideals of the Enlightenment—all centered on reason—brought the world untold progress and can help us make progress against the

ESG investing needs an intelligence boost

Just cutting carbon-producing companies from a portfolio is not the smart way to achieve climate change goals and more sophisticated approaches are needed, say ESG fund managers. These should include an assessment on a company’s carbon emission practices, looking at the track record of a firm over time, and making ESG assessments an integral part

How Social Impact Bonds Can Confound Their Critics and Deliver Better Value For Government

Last month, the U.K. Government announced almost £200m of funding for 22 programmes backed by social impact bonds (SIBs), via the Life Chances Fund – providing an additional boost for this innovative impact investment approach. There have now been well over 100 SIBs commissioned around the world. Pioneered in 2012 by Social Finance as a

3 Lessons Impact Investors Can Learn From ‘Winners Take All’

Anand Giridharadas’ recent book, Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World, evoked a common response from many impact investors—the desire to hide under the nearest table. His book calls out, as his subtitle not so subtly implies, that those who have economic power not only have little incentive to implement the type of

The brave new world of impact investing

The emerging trend of socially responsible “impact investing” is grappling with growing pains. Big questions loom on the horizon. How should investors measure environmental or social impact? How can they prove their investments are sincere? Panelists at a summit hosted by cleantech incubator Vertue Lab (formerly Oregon BEST) on Wednesday addressed the challenges and opportunities for impact

How impact investors can better serve communities: ask them what they need

Amid the decline of the coal economy in West Virginia, the city of Williamson has not fared well. Nestled in the heart of coal country in Mingo County, Williamson has lost more than 2,000 jobs–25% of its workforce–in the last four years. The city also struggles with some of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes,

Investing With A Purpose

Responsible investing, though not a new concept, has only recently gained popularity among a meaningful portion of the investment community. In the past, investing with a purpose was largely focused on avoiding the stocks of companies that engaged in morally questionable activities—these may have included alcohol and tobacco companies, firearm manufacturers, and gambling-related stocks, among


Champions of Impact Investing

The Rockefeller Foundation coined the term “impact investing” in 2007 to describe private investments that generate a financial return alongside social or environmental impact. At the time, the idea wasn’t new; it just didn’t have a name, and, more importantly, there wasn’t a cohesive strategy or infrastructure to support the development of a variety of

Is Impact Investing the Future of Philanthropy?

In February, Caterpillar Foundation President Michele L. Sullivan stood atop a hill in Rwanda, nearly 8,000 miles from the comfort of her serene office in Peoria, Illinois. She had come to Rwanda’s Rulindo district to inspect a water-supply-boosting pipeline system that ran 2,000 feet up the hill to send residents clean water. She listened to stories

To cash in on the boom in impact investment, transparency is key

Millennial investors have fuelled a 50% rise in the SRI market, but early-stage businesses have to be able to show they are contributing to positive change, not greenwash, says Triple Point’s Belinda Thomas. Businesses with a socially responsible aspect have never had it so good. Green is fast becoming investors’ favourite colour. A key factor

Impact investing is booming–but not nearly enough to make radical change

Between mid-2017 and mid-2018, the value of the impact investing market roughly doubled to $228 billion in assets under management, according to a survey from the Global Impact Investing Network, a nonprofit that works to increase the scale and effectiveness of financial bets with social and environmental returns. But that’s still a drop in the bucket

How tech and investment could help feed the many

Last year, 124 million people around the world faced food crises that required humanitarian action. The figures from the United Nations Food Programme show that more than 39 million people starved as a result of droughts. With so many people affected, it would be easy to assume that there is not enough food to feed the world’s growing

Advisors, Not Their Clients, Should Lead on ESG Investing

How popular is ESG-themed investing? It’s estimated that over $20 trillion is invested in assets because of their favored for their environmental, social and/or governance (ESG) characteristics, including over $8 trillion in the U.S. Here’s another indicator of the growing interest in ESG investment: This year’s Sustainable Investing Conference sponsored by Gitterman Wealth Management had