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Fit for the future: how ethical investing went mainstream

Ethical and sustainable investing is no longer simply about ditching cigarettes or saving trees. Investors are increasingly concerned about better returns and lower risks, says Sarah Moore. Late last year, Norway’s sovereign-wealth fund announced that it plans to dispose of all its oil and gas investments, worth more than $35bn. The proposal has yet to

Sustainability experts: what’s wrong with impact investing

The lack of an accepted methodology to truly measure investment impact makes the adoption of sustainable development goals in listed  equities increasingly challenging. This was the core issue raised during a discussion on the hopes and hurdles facing sustainable investments at Finanz’18 conference in Zurich. Daniel Wild, head of sustainability investing research and development at

The end of financial short termism? How EU financial policy overhaul could spur green investment surge

EU's High Level Expert Group report on Sustainable Finance has set out a raft of crucial recommendations to boost green investment - but will they unlock the long term vision the sector needs? Money talks, or so the old adage goes. But the key question for the green economy and beyond, has long been how

Pay-for-success Impact Bonds

The US government is again in the pay-for-success business. Slipped into the continuing resolution passed by Congress and signed by President Trump last week is $100 million for states and localities to use in programs that deliver higher rates of youth employment and high school graduation, and lower rates of asthma, diabetes, homelessness and recidivism among juvenile

10 tough questions we get asked: Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

We are outspoken about our optimism. These days, though, optimism seems to be in short supply. The headlines are filled with awful news. Every day brings a different story of political division, violence, or natural disaster. Despite the headlines, we see a world that’s getting better. Compare today to the way things were a decade or

Ireland votes in favor of law to become world’s first country to fully divest from fossil fuels

Ireland has voted to be the world’s first country to fully divest public money from fossil fuels. The Irish Parliament passed the historic legislation in a 90 to 53 vote in favour of dropping coal, oil and gas investments from the €8bn (£6.8bn) Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, part of the Republic’s National Treasury Management Agency. The

Make money, do good: women and young invest with purpose

Investors increasingly want more than good returns - they want to do good, too, with women and millennials most likely to buy products that seek to save the world, according to a Swiss bank. UBS, a global financial services company, said banks needed to create so-called impact investing products, which further global development goals by

UN SDGs can propel impact investing into the mainstream

 Impact investing is set to continue to grow, as many investors are interested in making their money work for good, as well as for returns. Research shows directing capital into investments that seek both attractive returns and a measurable positive environmental and societal impact could be a US$1 trillion ($1.3 trillion) business globally by 2020.

Social Impact Bonds reach global mass: 108 projects launched in 24 countries

Nearly $400m raised to tackle social issues globally Nine countries launched first programs in 2017 US market sees largest market growth in 2016-7 First Social Impact Bond in Peterborough reduced reoffending by 9% and returned investor capital with a 3% annualized return in 2017 10 Social Impact Bonds have reported a full capital return following

Trust me, I’m an impact investor: How your funds can feed, heal, and power the world

If you thought that being an altruistic investor and generating financial returns were mutually exclusive, you would be wrong. Investment has the potential to be rewarding financially as well as giving back to the global community through transforming safety, sustainability, and security.There are currently over seven billion people living in the world. This is expected

Cities experiment to reduce homelessness with “pay for success” finance

The past couple of years have been a roller-coaster for Maurice Cushinberry - first of homelessness, substance abuse and legal trouble, and then of sudden stability. Although he had tried to find a home during that time, he was discouraged by the paperwork and process. But shortly after Easter last year, a social worker contacted

Grameen America Gets Into Impact Investing Game

Grameen America, a U.S microfinance nonprofit founded by Muhammad Yunus, announced Tuesday that it closed its first impact investing fund, taking a small step toward tapping a method of social financing that’s rapidly gaining popularity. Before this endeavor, Grameen America had relied strictly on philanthropy and donations to create a pool of funds for issuing microloans

Blockchain Smart Contracts Could Shape Future of Impact Investing

Socialsuite is a Melbourne-based technology company which offers a platform for NFPs and community organisations to measure and report on the social outcomes of their services. The company has just announced a partnership with the IXO Foundation –creators of the world’s first blockchain protocol for impact measurement – to deliver blockchain smart contracts for funding

Doing well by doing good 2018: Bigger strides for sustainable investing

This year saw more governments and businesses than ever before put the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the heart of their development plans. As 2018 begins, how on track is implementation of the 2030 global goals, and what does 2018 hold for sustainable investment? Despite major advances, the UN's 2017 annual progress report on SDGs warned that unless the

How to Drive Competitive Returns with Impact Investing

Businesses that incorporate “material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their strategy, operations and culture will outperform [others that do not] over the long term,” is the underlying philosophy at New York City-based Inherent Group, a family office that manages equity and debt investments. Two factors lie at the core of Inherent’s investment philosophy,

Innovative Financing to Sustain Peace: An Explainer

There is a staggering investment deficit in the prevention of violent conflict. Mercy Corps notes that 10 years ago, 80 percent of humanitarian assistance went to responding to natural disasters. Today, that same percentage goes toward responding to (but not preventing) situations of violent conflict. This is a marked shift, and yet governments worldwide spend less than 1 percent

Investing In Gender Equality

January 2018 – Athena Capital Advisors, a privately owned, independent registered investment advisorserving high net worth private clients, foundations and endowments, has released a white paper on investing to achieve gender equality. The paper offers a practitioner’s perspective on gender lens investing and the construction of gender inclusive investment portfolios. Titled, “Investing in Gender Equality,” the paper was

A New Impact Investing Model for Education

On the outskirts of Bengaluru, India, Sri Vidya Bharathi Matriculation School is part of a new wave of mom-and-pop, low-fee private schools that now serve roughly 30 percent of India’s 300 million school-age children. These schools primarily cater to poor families, who are drawn by the opportunity for their children to be educated in English

Everyone’s a winner? How ‘impact investing’ can make money – and do good

Rural families in Africa who need access to power and investors seeking a decent return on their money are getting together so everyone prospers. The cherry on the cake? It’s good for the environment too. British investors are funding solar kits for households in East Africa with no access to electricity. As families pay for