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CalPERS Throws its Weight Around to Make the World a Better Place

Some call it altruistic investing. Others use adjectives like responsible, sustainable or social impact. The concept is to strategically choose where to invest so that you can have a positive effect while still making a profit. The California Public Employees Retirement System has made recent changes to make them a leader in this field. Usually,

Gender Lens Investing Gains Ground – But Can It Conquer Wall Street?

Gender lens investing — the practice of choosing investments that take gender into account, specifically those that promote women’s issues and female leadership — is gaining momentum. “There’s a lot of activity, from publicly traded securities to high impact investing,” says Joseph Keefe, CEO of Pax World Funds, its investment adviser Pax World Management as

Impact Investment Exchange: Building a social capital market in Asia

As one of the first female Bangladeshi investment bankers on Wall Street, Durreen Shahnaz came to appreciate the immense power of financial markets. She went on to roles at the World Bank and Grameen Bank. She launched, and sold oneNest, an e-commerce company that gave micro-entrepreneurs global market access. In 2009, Shahnaz launched the Impact

How to Get Involved in the Impact Investing Sector

Impact Investing has become an extremely popular sector, providing both a stable career and an opportunity to make an impact. This relatively new field of impact is attracting young professionals all over the world and you could be one of them. Business and social entrepreneurs are working to make improvements in areas including energy efficiency,

History has steered folks to environmental, social and governance investing

In September 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency accused German automaker Volkswagen of installing computer software in 482,000 American vehicles to conceal nitrogen oxide emissions up to 40 times above the legal limit. The company subsequently acknowledged that up to 11 million cars worldwide had been fitted with a similar “defeat device.” It pays to look

Hit or Miss: A Weak Critique of Impact Investing—and a Strong One

As impact investing gains steam, with the Ford Foundation recently swinging behind the trend in a big way, more critics are also emerging to question whether foundations should deploy endowment capital in this way. That’s a good thing. In an $18 trillion economy, the wealth held by private foundations is small in scale and highly

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UBS impact fund – Business Insider

UBS is cementing its position as one of the go-to banks for sustainable investment solutions. The $2.7 trillion Switzerland-based money manager has made sustainability one of the cornerstones of its wealth-management business. On Monday, it announced that UBS Wealth Management and UBS Wealth Management Americas have raised $325 million for The Rise Fund, an impact investment fund led by

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Investing for Global Impact, how finance can help change the world

An increasing number of wealthy families care about the health of our planet. Data emerging from the Investing for Global Impact report proves this. Do the world’s wealthy families only aim to get richer? It might be true in some cases but luckily awareness levels have changed over the years. And millionaires are increasingly trying to use their money to change

An impact investing tent big enough for the problems we are trying to solve

Mainstream asset owners are on a journey to make their investments a powerful force for good — let’s welcome them. In the impact investing community, there is continuing talk about whether “the big tent” — created by the diversity of strategies and approaches pursued by investors– is too big. There are continuing calls for tighter definitions of what qualifies

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Socially Responsible Investing: A Trump-Era Guide

Conventional wisdom said the Trump administration would spell doom for companies that emphasize environmental, socially responsible, and governance (ESG) issues. Yet since Trump took office this year, ESG stocks have actually pulled ahead of the broad market. Not only that, socially responsible investing (SRI) funds — which seek to use investment dollars to bring about change

Capital Aggregation: A Market-Making Idea for Impact

We need explore new services to match impact investor interest with market demand. As Calvert Foundation’s business has grown and evolved with the rapidly shifting impact investing markets, we have the benefit of seeing emerging trends and market-wide challenges that are hindering the growth and scale of the activity we—collectively as investors—are financing. One of the

Millennials, Invest To Achieve Profit And Purpose

Forget the paradigm that many believe Millennials to be the “Me Generation.”  Research proves them to be the “Us Generation.”  “Us” encompasses the world. BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, recently conducted a survey that was discussed by Anne Ackerley in The BlackRock Blog. They that found that “67% of millennials say they want investments to reflect their social

What Are Social Impact Bonds, and Should I Invest in Them?

Bonds are debt securities that allow the issuer to borrow money from the buyer, with set terms for key features like interest rate and length of the loan. Even though they share the same name, social impact bonds have many features that don't resemble traditional bonds at all. Instead, social impact bonds represent a way for investors

Can Impact Investing Help Coastal Areas Adapt to Climate Change?

The biggest news to come out of the impact investment world lately is, without a doubt, the decision from the Ford Foundation to put over $1 billion of its $12 billion endowment toward mission-related investments. Meanwhile, there are plenty of interesting investing experiments brewing in various pockets of the foundation world. A case in point

Scaling Pathways: Three Case Studies on Impact Growth in Social Enterprise

What does it take to scale social impact? That’s one of the fundamental questions for social entrepreneurs anywhere. As they seek to create solutions to widespread, seemingly intractable problems, such as poverty and climate change, answering this question is as urgent as ever. Scale, of course, is about more than growing an organization’s size, it’s

Pushing the Boundaries of Impact Investing

The fundraising climate for nonprofits is often challenging due to struggles like donor fatigue, growing competition for the same resources, and limited funding as government and philanthropic contributions stagnate or decline. At the same time, impact investing is experiencing rapid growth, with investors looking far and wide to find investable opportunities. The convergence of these

It’s Myth-Busting Time: Three Misconceptions About Impact Investing

MYTH #1 Impact investing equals philanthropy In the spirit of innovation, there has been a trend of organizations and businesses of all forms being re-branded as social enterprises, which tends to blur the lines for everyone. For greater clarity, it helps to categorize businesses by their relationship to profit generation. Impact-only organizations are NGOs and

The who, what and how of impact investing

In the past, the concepts of "financial gain" and "social good" have seemed mutually exclusive. But with impact investing on the rise, this is no longer the case. The logistics, though, are a little tricky. How, for example, does one determine a worthwhile investment — that is, something that will generate returns and also create

The Philanthropy World Is Embracing Impact Investing

Instead of just using the stock market, more and more foundations putting their endowments into projects that help the world–including hitting the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2015, the United Nations laid out its Sustainable Development Goals to track global progress against massive social and environmental challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change. But hitting

Sorting Out Impact Investing In A Changing Market

Bob Webster is a Managing Director at SEAF, leading its impact investing strategy and management, as well as serving on its Global Investment Committee, supporting new fund launches, and working on select operational and fundraising initiatives. Prior to joining SEAF, Bob was Chief Operating Officer for the Grassroots Business Fund, a leading impact investment fund,