Financial Literacy

You Don’t Have To Go To College To Save Right

In our new research study which interviewed participants across 10 European countries, our team working with Annamaria Lusardi has demonstrated that financial and risk literacy leads to better choices when it comes to making decisions and identifying the right paths to our financial goals. We also show that the impact of financial and risk literacy

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Prof: Money can buy happiness but it’s costly to bank on that without measuring debt

Yes, money can lead to happiness, but how much debt one has should also be considered in the money-happiness equation, according to a new a study from Purdue University.  "There has been a lot of research looking at whether and how income makes people happy in life, but few studies have examined whether debt can

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Savings For The Future: The Private Sector Fighting Poverty

Young people worldwide need to be financially and socially equipped to build bright futures for themselves. Access to financial and social assets is a key contributing factor to help youth make their own economic decisions and escape poverty. Yet, despite this, a 2013 report estimated that less than 5% of youth have a savings account,

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What to expect from the brave new world of artificial intelligence and fintech

Neither artificial intelligence nor fintech – or even the union of the two – is really anything new, despite the recent buzz regarding all of the above. With that being said, we are indeed approaching that point where the underlying technology begins to make a noticeable difference in people’s lives. From there, it won’t be

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Five Massive Trends Towards The Customer-Centric Future Of Personal Finance

There are currently more entrepreneurs (and their venture capitalist backers) focused on improving the financial experiences for people around the world than at any time in history. The pace of change is accelerating, and massive disruptions are just around the corner. We foresee disruptive potential from five very powerful undercurrents in financial services innovation. Read

Financial Services for the Poor

More than 2.5 billion adults do not have a bank account or use other formal financial services—not only because of the challenges of living in poverty, but also due to costs, travel distance, and other barriers. A growing body of evidence suggests that access to the right financial tools at critical moments can determine whether

Four Surprising Things That Could Impact Whether You’ll Save Enough For Retirement

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to save more for retirement than others?  Studies have found that there are some unusual factors that might affect whether or not you’ll actually save enough (or at least more than others) for retirement. Here they are and how you can play them to your favor:

Five reasons why financial education can help your staff

Training staff to be financially literate builds on foundational skills, such as managing cash flow, planning ahead, understanding profits and losses, which ultimately impact your bottom line. Knowing the reality of profit and costs, employees are more likely to understand your business, their job roles, workload, and their salary better. Read more at  Five reasons why

Disability Credits And Grants: A Financial Boost And Peace-Of-Mind 

Financial knowledge is at the heart of stretching our dollars. For those with a severe and prolonged disability, saving money can be particularly challenging, given the expenses that often accompany disabilities and, in some cases, the difficulties getting or holding a job. And if you are tending to a loved one with a disability, extra

High schoolers can’t bank on their knowledge of money matters. These educators want to change that

Even as many young people are about to start their first jobs or head to college with the prospect of enormous student loans, some often don’t know basic money skills. Read more at   High schoolers can't bank on their knowledge of money matters. These educators want to change that - LA Times Youth Financial Literacy Statistics Underscore

Employer-Provided Financial Wellness Needs More Than Nudges

The dismal reports keep pouring in: Americans are struggling with their finances—and now an increasing number of employees are asking their employers for help with managing their finances. Read more at  Employer-Provided Financial Wellness Needs More Than Nudges | Bloomberg BNA Learn more about The Personal Finance Employee Education Fund (PFEEF)  Act Now  

How Teachers Are Bringing Financial Literacy Lessons to the Classroom

Elementary school teachers share how they're getting kids excited about saving and investing. Read more at  How Teachers Are Bringing Financial Literacy Lessons to the Classroom | Personal Finance | US News Read the 2016 Survey of the States: Economic and Personal Finance Education in Our Nation's School  Act Now