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London startup Bulb to convince people to switch to renewable energy

London startup Bulb has a bigger aim than trying to convince people to download an app: It's trying to rethink how energy suppliers work. Bulb is a green energy supplier, with all of its electricity and 10% of its gas coming from renewable sources. The company says it now has 70,000 customers. Cofounder Hayden Wood

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Solar paint offers endless energy from water vapor

Researchers have developed a solar paint that can absorb water vapour and split it to generate hydrogen – the cleanest source of energy. The paint contains a newly developed compound that acts like silica gel, which is used in sachets to absorb moisture and keep food, medicines and electronics fresh and dry. But unlike silica

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Fundraising for Renewable Resources Exceeds Conventional Energy

Investor interest in renewable energy is swelling less than two years after the Paris Agreement was signed to protect the environment globally. Renewables-focused funds have raised $5 billion this year, outstripping fundraising targeting conventional energy for the first time, according to a Preqin report Wednesday. Fundraising for conventional energy has fallen significantly from its $38

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Tiny “motors” are driven by light

Science fiction is full of fanciful devices that allow light to interact forcefully with matter, from light sabers to photon-drive rockets. In recent years, science has begun to catch up; some results hint at interesting real-world interactions between light and matter at atomic scales, and researchers have produced devices such as optical tractor beams, tweezers,

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Air pollution casts shadow over solar energy production

Global solar energy production is taking a major hit due to air pollution and dust. According to a new study, airborne particles and their accumulation on solar cells are cutting energy output by more than 25 percent in certain parts of the world. The regions hardest hit are also those investing the most in solar

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New Danish Invention Cleans Water with Sunlight

Two Danish students have developed “SolarSack” for inexpensive and environmentally friendly water purification. The concept was tested in villages, refugee camps and slums in East Africa where it will be marketed. Anders Løcke and Louise Ullmann, who study Architecture and Design at Aalborg University (AAU), have designed a better and cheaper system for purifying drinking

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Sempra VP Surprises, Says 100 Percent Renewable Grid Is Possible Now

A vice president with Sempra Energy, one of the nation’s largest utilities, made a stunning admission to a roomful of gas and oil executives this week: there is no technical impediment to California getting all of its energy from renewables — now. In simple terms, this means all power could come from sources like wind,

Stanford discovery could lead to sustainable source of the fuel additive ethanol

Most cars and trucks in the United States run on a blend of 90 percent gasoline and 10 percent ethanol, a renewable fuel made primarily from fermented corn. But producing the 14 billion gallons of ethanol consumed annually by American drivers requires millions of acres of farmland. A recent discovery by Stanford University scientists could

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Wireless charging of moving electric vehicles overcomes major hurdle

If electric cars could recharge while driving down a highway, it would virtually eliminate concerns about their range and lower their cost, perhaps making electricity the standard fuel for vehicles. Now Stanford University scientists have overcome a major hurdle to such a future by wirelessly transmitting electricity to a nearby moving object. Their results are

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Energy security key to eliminating poverty in Africa

GANDHINAGAR: Union minister for new and renewable energy, Piyush Goyal, launched the third 'Scaling Up Minigrids and Microgrids' programme, under International Solar Alliance (ISA) at the ongoing annual meetings of African Development Bank in Gandhinagar, on Wednesday. Goyal urged African nations to participate more actively in the international solar alliance and gain from the partnership

Millions of Homes in Mexico Suffer from “Energy Poverty”

MEXICO CITY, May 29 2017 (IPS) - Energy poverty afflicts millions of homes in Mexico, with many social, economic and environmental impacts for the country. These homes, located in both urban and rural areas in this Latin American country of 122 million people, have difficulty satisfying their needs for energy for cooking, lighting, heating and

‘Instantly rechargeable’ battery could change the future of electric and hybrid automobiles

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A technology developed by Purdue researchers could provide an “instantly rechargeable” method that is safe, affordable and environmentally friendly for recharging electric and hybrid vehicle batteries through a quick and easy process similar to refueling a car at a gas station. The innovation could expedite the adoption of electric and hybrid

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Developing world invests more in renewable energy than rich countries

Investment in renewable energy was higher in the world’s poorest countries than the richest ones for the first time last year, according to a major new report. A total of about £196.5bn was spent renewable power and fuels globally in what was a record year for investment in the sector, according to the Renewables 2016

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Access Power shortlists five renewable energy projects

A competition run by Access Power called the 'Access Co-Development Facility' (ACF) has officially closed. Five entrepreneurs have made it as the runner ups for the innovative $7 million funding and support platform for renewable energy projects in Africa. According to a company statement, the projects were selected from a pool of 82 qualifying projects

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How Renewable Batteries Can Change the Lives of People in Third World Countries

Many companies like Alcen Renewables, Inc. are firm believers that, when energy is accessible to everyone, it will solve many of the world’s problems, including daily issues that people in third world countries confront. As a result, energy storage through renewable energy batteries has the potential change the future for the better. An article on

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Swiss vote to ditch nuclear power for renewable energy

BERLIN - Swiss voters are supporting a referendum to withdraw the country from nuclear power in favour of renewable energy. A projection from Sunday's referendum shows a majority of cantons (states) voted for the plan. Under Switzerland's direct democracy system, initiatives need a majority of both cantons and votes to pass. The projection for SRF

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