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Portugal is showing that ambitious renewable energy goals are within reach

Portugal's energy system operator had some interesting news to share once March had closed out. It seems that even as Portugal's monthly energy consumption increased 9.7 percent compared to March 2017, the country produced enough renewable energy (just over 4,800Gwh) to exceed its energy demand (just over 4,600Gwh). This doesn't mean Portugal avoided fossil fuel

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Canadian Pension Fund Fuels India’s Largest Renewable Energy Deal

Earlier this month, ReNew Power Ventures Limited became India’s largest renewable energy developer following the acquisition of another renewable energy developer. Canadian pension funds had a major role in this landmark transaction. The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) invested $247 million in ReNew Power to support the acquisition of Ostro Energy. This is the

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The Road Ahead for Solar PV Power

Over the past decade, solar photovoltaic (PV) power has experienced dramatic deployment growth coupled with substantial decreases in system prices. This article examines how solar PV power is currently positioned in the electricity marketplace and how that position is likely to evolve in the foreseeable future. We first assess the current cost competitiveness of solar

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Ultra-powerful batteries made safer, more efficient

Scientists all over the world -- including even the inventor of lithium ion batteries himself, John Goodenough -- are looking for ways to make rechargeable batteries safer, lighter, and more powerful. Now, an international team of researchers led by Bingqing Wei, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Delaware and the director of

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Greener and cheaper technique for biofuel production

A team of engineers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) recently discovered that a naturally occurring bacterium, Thermoanaerobacterium thermosaccharolyticum TG57, isolated from waste generated after harvesting mushrooms, is capable of directly converting cellulose, a plant-based material, to biobutanol. A research team led by Associate Professor He Jianzhong from the Department of Civil and Environmental

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Portugal generated enough renewable energy to power the whole country in March

Portugal’s renewable electricity production exceeded monthly consumption for what is likely the first time, in March, according to the nation’s transmission system operator, REN. The average renewable generation for the month exceeded 103% of consumption, beating out the last record (99.2%), set in 2014. It almost certainly won’t be the last time. The country is

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Understanding how society will change as we move to renewable energy sources

Imagine waking up tomorrow in a world that doesn't depend on oil. That might seem far-fetched, but as engineers and scientists come up with new ways to harness renewable energy, those new sources of energy may soon shape the way our societies function and how we live our daily lives. "We're going to stop depending

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Solar Needs a Total Quality Revolution

In almost every corner of thesolarindustry, key players are struggling to standardize design, construction, operations and maintenance, regulation and permitting. As an industry grows and matures, it must go through multiple stages of process standardization. In the auto industry, this was exemplified by the production line of the Model T, then Toyota (followed later by Ford,

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Blowin’ in the wind — A source of energy?

It may in the future be possible to harvest energy with the aid of leaves fluttering in the wind. Researchers at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linköping University have developed a method and a material that generate an electrical impulse when the light fluctuates from sunshine to shade and vice versa. "Plants and their

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This Solar Grill Company Wants to Reduce Energy Poverty

With solar powered technologies now cheaper and more popular than ever, GoSun aims to expand its line of solar grills and ovens and venture into manufacturing more solar-powered appliances. Founded in 2012, the Cincinnati startup looks to make cooking outdoors with zero harmful gasses easier and quicker with the GoSun Grill, which can bake, boil

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Must ‘Seas’ from the Sustainable Oceans Summit 2017

From November 29th to December 1st, the World Ocean Council held the 5th iteration of the Sustainable Ocean Summit in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This summit brings together actors from across the ocean business community with the goal of reinforcing the need for cross-sectoral collaboration in the management of the world’s oceans. In merging business and

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New solar focused energy retailer calls for “prosumer” investors

Australia’s retail electricity market is set to have another new kid on the block – but this one is a bit different. Not only is it being set up to cater to Australia’s 1.7 million solar households, it hopes to be co-owned by them, too. The new company, DC Power Co, has this week put

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Wind and solar power could meet four-fifths of U.S. electricity demand, study finds

The United States could reliably meet about 80 percent of its electricity demand with solar and wind power generation, according to scientists at the University of California, Irvine; the California Institute of Technology; and the Carnegie Institution for Science. However, meeting 100 percent of electricity demand with only solar and wind energy would require storing

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System draws power from daily temperature swings

Thermoelectric devices, which can generate power when one side of the device is a different temperature from the other, have been the subject of much research in recent years. Now, a team at MIT has come up with a novel way to convert temperature fluctuations into electrical power. Instead of requiring two different temperature inputs

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Hidden talents: Converting heat into electricity with pencil and paper

The thermoelectric effect is nothing new – it was discovered almost 200 years ago by Thomas J. Seebeck. If two different metals are brought together, then an electrical voltage can develop if one metal is warmer than the other. This effect allows residual heat to be partially converted into electrical energy. Residual heat is a

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Stanford engineers develop a new method of keeping the lights on if the world turns to 100% clean, renewable energy

Renewable energy solutions are often hindered by the inconsistencies of power produced by wind, water and sunlight and the continuously fluctuating demand for energy. New research by Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University, and colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley, and Aalborg University in Denmark finds several

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