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Stanford engineers develop a new method of keeping the lights on if the world turns to 100% clean, renewable energy

Renewable energy solutions are often hindered by the inconsistencies of power produced by wind, water and sunlight and the continuously fluctuating demand for energy. New research by Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University, and colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley, and Aalborg University in Denmark finds several

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Solar project for social enterprise

A social enterprise is planning the next stages of its development, including how it will use its £30,000 funding boost. Wallsend-based Northern Community Power (NCP) received the grant through Big Potential in August. Big Potential is a £10million fund aimed at eligible voluntary community and social enterprise organisations. Since its incorporation in 2011, NCP has

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Sustainable bank to launch crowdfunding platform

The new Triodos Bank crowdfunding platform is the first launched by a bank in the UK and will help people to invest directly in equity or bonds issued by organizations delivering positive social and environmental impacts. The bonds are eligible to be held in the Innovative Finance ISA, allowing investors to receive the interest they earn

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How SaLisa Berrien leads the ‘Lyft of energy’

I first met SaLisa Berrien in 2016 at an engineering conference, where her winning attitude and tenacity were infectious. I’ve encountered thousands of high-growth clean energy startups. Listened to a gazillion pitches. Something was different about what Berrien was offering. It wasn’t the latest university commercialization or a spin-off from a national lab. It wasn’t

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Survey says: the American public is souring on coal

The US coal industry is in terminal decline. Though it is flailing about desperately for subsidies, tax breaks, and regulatory loopholes — the kinds of political favors that have kept it afloat for so long — at this point it is merely delaying the inevitable. What’s more, coal’s decline is not leading to any of the dire effects coal boosters

Solar project for social enterprise

A social enterprise is planning the next stages of its development, including how it will use its £30,000 funding boost. Wallsend-based Northern Community Power (NCP) received the grant through Big Potential in August. Big Potential is a £10million fund aimed at eligible voluntary community and social enterprise organisations. Since its incorporation in 2011, NCP has

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Some tips to help you navigate the renewable energy jungle

Two-thirds of Americans want to “prioritize clean energy sources,” the Pew Research Center reports. But for energy consumers, deciphering the jargon of electricity generation can be disempowering. The federal Department of Energy website used to offer helpful guidance on green power choices. No more. Look to the Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) website for advice

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Wireless energy source generates electricity from motions such as hand waves

CLEMSON — Researchers from Clemson’s Nanomaterials Institute (CNI) are one step closer to wirelessly powering the world using triboelectricity, a green energy source. In March 2017, a group of physicists at CNI invented the ultra-simple triboelectric nanogenerator or U-TENG, a small device made of plastic and tape that generates electricity from motion and vibrations. When the

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New water-splitting method could open path to hydrogen economy

PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University researchers have found a way to more efficiently generate hydrogen from water — an important key to making clean energy more viable. Using inexpensive nickel and iron, the researchers developed a very simple, five-minute method to create large amounts of a high-quality catalyst required for the chemical reaction to

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Tanzania: Dar Firms Graduate From Renewable Energy

SIX local companies involved in renewable energy technologies are today expected to be presented with certificates after graduating from the Tanzania Renewable Energy Business Incubator (TAREBI), at an event to be officiated by Deputy Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment, Eng. Stella Manyanya. The incubator operate through a partnership between IMED Foundation and the Royal

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Two countries are the reason the EU is hitting its ambitious renewable energy targets

The EU now gets more than 30% of its electricity from renewable sources, up from 12% in 2000. At the current rate of growth, the European bloc can increase the proportion of renewables in its electricity mix to 50% by 2030, according to a new report (pdf) published by think tanks Sandbag and Agora Energiewende.

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The state of the US solar industry: 5 questions answered

(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.) Joshua D. Rhodes, University of Texas at Austin (THE CONVERSATION) Editor’s note: On Jan. 22, 2018, the Trump administration announced plans to impose punitive duties on solar panels imported from abroad. This decision came in response to a complaint

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Four social enterprises answering the call for renewable energy

Social enterprises are designed to create profit for society as well as business. And a big benefit for society is innovation and investment into clean, renewable energy. While we are still waiting for big business and world governments to act on energy, social entrepreneurs are tackling the issue by creating brilliant, innovative green technologies. Check

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Solar lamp social enterprise mulls manufacturing plant in Kenya

The firm produces solar products that charge phone devices and provide power to homes, using off-grid systems. Nathaniel Peat the firms’ Co – Founder, says Kenya has become an important market for them having already invested Sh26.4 million in the market. The company is already in other countries including Zambia, United Kingdom and Jamaica. “We

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Remember solar roof? Tesla’s making tiles in New York

Tesla began manufacturing solar tiles for solar roof installations in December at the Buffalo, New York, factory that it acquired when it purchased SolarCity in 2016, and the electric vehicle and energy company said it will start installing the tiles on the homes of reservation holders today. Up until now, solar roof installations have only

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Alaskan Microgrids Offer Energy Resilience and Independence

The electrical grid in the contiguous United States is a behemoth of interconnected systems. If one section fails or is sabotaged, millions of citizens could be without power. Remote villages in Alaska provide an example of how safeguards could build resilience into a larger electrical grid. These communities rely on microgrids -- small, local power

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Paving the way for a non-electric battery to store solar energy

AMHERST, Mass. – Materials chemists have been trying for years to make a new type of battery that can store solar or other light-sourced energy in chemical bonds rather than electrons, one that will release the energy on demand as heat instead of electricity–addressing the need for long-term, stable, efficient storage of solar power. Now

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Scientists create stretchable battery made entirely out of fabric

BINGHAMTON, NY - A research team led by faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York has developed an entirely textile-based, bacteria-powered bio-battery that could one day be integrated into wearable electronics. The team, led by Binghamton University Electrical and Computer Science Assistant Professor Seokheun Choi, created an entirely textile-based biobattery that can produce

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