Q&A: ‘Sustainable energy makes people bankable’

India’s investments in renewable energy are growing fast. The country plays an important role in global efforts to meet emission targets: its burgeoning middle-class has growing energy demands, while a large number of people still live in rural poverty without access to power. Harish Hande, co-founder of the Bangalore-based company SELCO, believes that renewable energy needs

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Fuelwood Cookstoves As Tonic For Sustainable Environment

A quarter of humanity today lives without access to any electricity and almost one-half still depends on solid fuels such as unprocessed biomass, firewood coal, or charcoal for its thermal needs. These people depend heavily on firewood for their cooking, heating, and basic home appliances, an approach that comes with multitude of impact detrimental to

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Rainforest destruction from gold mining hits all-time high in Peru

Small-scale gold mining has destroyed more than 170,000 acres of primary rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon in the past five years, according to a new analysis by scientists at Wake Forest University's Center for Amazonian Scientific Innovation (CINCIA). That's an area larger than San Francisco and 30 percent more than previously reported. "The scale of

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Materials scientist creates alternative to batteries for wearable devices

A major factor holding back development of wearable biosensors for health monitoring is the lack of a lightweight, long-lasting power supply. Now scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst led by materials chemist Trisha L. Andrew report that they have developed a method for making a charge-storing system that is easily integrated into clothing for

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Can energy become secure, affordable and sustainable..

Energy is at the root of modern economies and is vital to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the internet of things. The challenge for policymakers is to craft policy frameworks that enable the three critical goals of energy security, environmental sustainability and affordability and access while the energy sector undergoes a fundamental transition. Maintaining a balance

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Largest Seafood Companies Assessed Against Sustainable Development

The World Benchmarking Alliance plans to assess the 30 largest seafood companies globally against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A public evaluation of their draft methodology takes place now through December. Aviva, Index Initiative, and the United Nations Foundation launched the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) of business, nonprofit, and government organizations in late September

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Ozone layer finally healing after damage caused by aerosols, UN says

The ozone layer is showing signs of continuing recovery from man-made damage and is likely to heal fully by 2060, new evidence shows. The measures taken to repair the damage will also have an important beneficial effect on climate change, as some of the gases that caused the ozone layer to thin and in places

A skills gap is jeopardizing efforts to end energy poverty

New technologies and business models create a constant churn of labour market disruption. Robots, driverless cars and other forms of automation will mean millions fewer jobs worldwide. On the other hand, fast-growing renewable energy technologies are catalyzing huge numbers of new jobs – 10.3 million at the last count – with massive potential for more.

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This Spanish startup developed sustainable ‘seed’ paper that grows into trees when planted

With all its team members below the age of 25, some might say Sheedo has done impressively to persuade the likes of Telefónica and Coca-Cola to get on board with their product, a "seed paper" that can be planted in order to put an end to single-use paper. "We want to give disposable paper a

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Harnessing the power of sustainable energy

Energy production can be expensive, or inefficient, or toxic to the environment — or some unfortunate combination of the three. But Jesse Hinricher thinks it doesn’t have to be. Hinricher, an MIT senior majoring in chemical engineering, has been conducting research focused on specialized batteries that could be plugged into the grid to provide renewable

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Sustainability, something farmers can promote

Sustainability, a decade or so back, put farmers in a watchful mood, wondering what new regulation was about to create more paperwork, more stress and less efficiency for their operations. The irony in that skepticism was and remains that farmers already employed most of the practices necessary to satisfy reasonable conservation initiatives. They also understood,

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Could Energy Efficiency Be The “Cornerstone” For A Sustainable Energy System?

The International Energy Agency has claimed that a string of the right energy efficiency policies implemented around the globe could, on its own, result in the peaking of greenhouse gas emissions followed quickly by a global decline even as the global economy doubles. Writing in a report earlier this month, entitled Energy Efficiency 2018, the International

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Renewable energy will play a pivotal role in changes Africa’s energy crisis

Renewable energy can play a pivotal role in bringing power to people whether in rural or remote areas. It has the potential to assist many African countries and citizens to have access to power which is essential for the reduction of poverty as well as to ensure economic growth. There are new technologies that contribute

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Energy transition: Mama Opio’s innovative improved cook stove

In Mama Opio’s scenario, three days are spent in search of fuel-wood in the riskiest of areas let alone preparing food for her household and the community in Gulu. Yet her innovativeness toward energy transitions and time are neither valued nor quantified. By Ann Grace Apiita It was one hot sunny afternoon when a colleague

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