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Pulling valuable metals from e-waste makes financial sense

Electronic waste — including discarded televisions, computers and mobile phones — is one of the fastest-growing waste categories worldwide. For years, recyclers have gleaned usable parts, including metals, from this waste stream. That makes sense from a sustainability perspective, but it’s been unclear whether it’s reasonable from an economic viewpoint. Now researchers report in ACS’

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Green technologies friendly to environment, profits

Companies looking to reduce their environmental impact without negatively affecting profits may want to consider increasing their investment in green technology and other sustainable IT solutions, according to a new study on information technology and sustainability published in Production and Operations Management. Terence Saldanha, assistant professor of information systems at Washington State University's Carson College

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Cheap tough E- paper

Optoelectronic engineers in China and Hong Kong have manufactured a special type of liquid crystal display (LCD) that is paper-thin, flexible, light and tough. With this, a daily newspaper could be uploaded onto a flexible paperlike display that could be updated as fast as the news cycles. It sounds like something from the future, but

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New 4-D printer could reshape the world we live in

NEW ORLEANS, March 21, 2018 — From moon landings to mobile phones, many of the farfetched visions of science fiction have transformed into reality. In the latest example of this trend, scientists report that they have developed a powerful printer that could streamline the creation of self-assembling structures that can change shape after being exposed

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Water from air

It seems like getting something for nothing, but you really can get drinkable water right out of the driest of desert air. Even in the most arid places on Earth, there is some moisture in the air, and a practical way to extract that moisture could be a key to survival in such bone-dry locations.

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Researchers figured out how to generate power from falling raindrops

One of the biggest problems plaguing the widespread adoption of solar power is, quite simply, rainy weather. Solar panels are designed to convert sunlight into electricity. But when it's cloudy or rainy, they're rendered useless. There are batteries, like the Tesla Powerwall, designed to store electricity for those cloudy days. But the technology isn't quite effective

The need to power datacentres sustainably

As megatrends go, surging demand for cloud-based services seems unstoppable, says Chris Wellise, chief sustainability officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). “By 2020, half the world’s population is expected to have internet access and machine-to-machine connections will reach 100 billion devices. With this global connectivity, however, come both opportunities and challenges,” he says. The social and

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Stanford researchers develop new method for waking up small electronic devices

As smartphone users know all too well, a sleeping device can still suck the life out of a battery. One solution for extending the battery life of wireless devices under development by researchers at Stanford University is to add a wake-up receiver that can turn on a shut-off device at a moment’s notice. Angad Rekhi,

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Phoenix Open is largest zero waste event in the world

When the Waste Management Phoenix Open begins this week at TPC Scottsdale, it will do so having been internationally recognized and verified as being the largest zero waste event in the world. Since 2013, all tournament waste – nearly 5 million pounds – has either been recycled, composted, donated, reused or used to create energy.

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New “smart neighborhood” planned for Highland Park

Thompson Elementary School in Highland Park has been vacant for 20 years. It's a scrapped-out shell of a building, reflecting the economic troubles of the city overall. But now, there's a plan for it. The proposed Parker Village project will convert the school into a community center surrounded by energy efficient, net-zero homes that its

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The world is failing to achieve a circular economy—here’s how

The world economy is only 9 per cent circular, and more than 90 per cent of the raw materials used to do business and sustain the global population go to waste instead of being cycled back into the economy, a new report by Dutch social enterprise Circle Economy has found. Released on Tuesday in Davos,

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5 Pieces of Startup Advice from Social Entrepreneurs

Last month’s Echoing Green Summit brought together over 400 funders, academics, politicians, and business and nonprofit leaders to discuss some of the top challenges we face in social change today, such as civic engagement, combatting bias, and addressing climate change. At the Summit, I got the chance to talk with dozens of Echoing Green’s Fellows

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Researcher taps water from air, wins Tata Social Enterprise Challenge

CHENNAI: A city-based independent researcher has won a national-level research competition at IIM-Calcutta for coming up with a solar-powered device that produces a litre of potable water per hour straight from air. Kumar Loganathan developed the product keeping in mind the concerns of depleting groundwater resources. The device requires only 2% of water present in

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Evian Will Make All Its Water Bottles Out Of 100% Recycled Plastic

One million plastic bottles are sold around the world each minute. Most are used for bottled water, and most end up in the trash. As demand for bottled water grows–particularly in China–so does the bottle problem. By 2021, humans will use an estimated half a trillion bottles plastic bottles a year. Evian, the France-based mineral water brand,

This social enterprise capitalises on Cambodia’s plastic problem to empower local women

Trash has built a business on finding gems in the rough. It’s also helped 24 families from poor communities in Siem Reap find their feet. Set up in 2015, the social enterprise has taught disadvantaged local women how to turn plastic bags into a range of colourful household items and accessories, and gives them the

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This social enterprise capitalises on Cambodia’s plastic problem to empower local women

Rehash Trash has built a business on finding gems in the rough. It’s also helped 24 families from poor communities in Siem Reap find their feet. Set up in 2015, the social enterprise has taught disadvantaged local women how to turn plastic bags into a range of colourful household items and accessories, and gives them

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Feeding the Future of Agriculture with Vertical Farming

Average global food prices have gone up by 2.6 percent annually in the past two decades. If that trend continues, not only does it threaten a baseline quality of life as more disposable income goes toward food, it also threatens our overall food security. Hunger and malnutrition issues persist, especially in developing countries. Food scarcity problems have

Secrets of ancient Egypt may spark better fuel cells for tomorrow’s cars

Egyptians artists at the time of King Tutankhamun often covered cheaper metals (copper, for instance) with a thin layer of a gleaming precious metal such as gold to create extravagant masks and jewelry. In a modern-day twist, the Johns Hopkins-led researchers have applied a tiny coating of costly platinum just one nanometer thick -- about

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Pittsburgh’s Microgrids Technology Could Lead The Way For Green Energy

When President Donald Trump announced the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate accord, he said he represented "Pittsburgh, not Paris." Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto disagreed. He traveled to Germany this week as part of an unofficial delegation of more than 100 Americans, American officials and business owners who say they are still committed to

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Conference to focus on sustainable construction using 3D technology

The fifth International Conference on Sustainable Building Materials gets underway this week with a focus on sustainable applications and construction using 3D technology. The event, organized by Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) of Dubai Municipality, will be held Wednesday and Thursday in Dubai and feature a number of researchers from around the world. Khalid Mohammad Sharif

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