How Renewable Batteries Can Change the Lives of People in Third World Countries

Many companies like Alcen Renewables, Inc. are firm believers that, when energy is accessible to everyone, it will solve many of the world’s problems, including daily issues that people in third world countries confront. As a result, energy storage through renewable energy batteries has the potential change the future for the better. An article on

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This Tiny Device Could Provide Clean Water for 663 Million People

A tiny, black rectangular device could be the world’s long-term solution for clean water.  The gadget is solar-powered, half the size of a postage stamp, and it disinfects water. “Our device looks like a little rectangle of black glass,” said Chong Liu, lead author of a paper on the device published in Nature Nanotechnology. “We just

Climate stabilization: Planting trees cannot replace cutting carbon dioxide emissions

Growing plants and then storing the CO2 they have taken up from the atmosphere is no viable option to counteract unmitigated emissions from fossil fuel burning, a new study shows. The plantations would need to be so large, they would eliminate most natural ecosystems or reduce food production if implemented as a late-regret option in

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Food waste is the world’s dumbest environmental problem

If someone asks you to picture where greenhouse gases come from, images of smoggy traffic jams or billowing smokestacks are likely to spring to mind. But your dinner? Probably not so much. Your dinner isn’t simply a delicious, innocent bystander. From the farm to your plate, there’s food waste at every step. And decomposing food

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Swiss vote to ditch nuclear power for renewable energy

BERLIN - Swiss voters are supporting a referendum to withdraw the country from nuclear power in favour of renewable energy. A projection from Sunday's referendum shows a majority of cantons (states) voted for the plan. Under Switzerland's direct democracy system, initiatives need a majority of both cantons and votes to pass. The projection for SRF

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Bird Migration Patterns Are Getting Wrecked by Climate Change

Birds depend on cues from nature to lead their lives — the length of sunlight, temperature changes, ambient scents. For thousands of years, these cues have been remarkably stable and birds have been remarkably consistent in their migration patterns. But in this era of climate change, those cues are getting scattered and birds are getting

Cancer risk tied to pollution in environment

New Delhi, May 9: Prolonged exposure to poor air quality appears to increase the risk of cancer, particularly breast and prostate cancers, a study in the US has suggested, bolstering evidence for environmental links to cancer. The study led by Jyotsna Jagai, an environmental health researcher at the University of Illinois, Chicago, has found that

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Varied increases in extreme rainfall with global warming

A new study by researchers from MIT and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich shows that the most extreme rain events in most regions of the world will increase in intensity by 3 to 15 percent, depending on region, for every degree Celsius that the planet warms. If global average temperatures rise by

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‘Narco-deforestation’ study links loss of Central American tropical forests to cocaine

Central American tropical forests are beginning to disappear at an alarming rate, threatening the livelihood of indigenous peoples there and endangering some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in North America. The culprit? Cocaine. The problem is not the cultivation of the coca plant – which is processed into cocaine – that is causing this

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Solar Power Is Cheaper, but the World Is Still Running on Fossil Fuels

Even without subsidies, new wind and solar power plants are usually cheaper than new coal, nuclear, or natural gas power plants. In fact, they are often not only cheaper, but substantially so. According to Lazard, levelized cost of energy (LCOE) estimates based on averages for the U.S. as a whole show that utility-scale renewables are

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Can crowd funding help scale up solar power for Africa’s poor?

When Ronald Van Harten arrived in Kenya from the Netherlands in 2015 he was determined to invest in solar-powered equipment for homes across Africa, make a profit and help the rural poor get energy. But within two years his company EcoZoom, which sells solar lights, radios, MP3 players and other equipment to some of Kenya’s

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Rising temperatures threaten stability of Tibetan alpine grasslands

A warming climate could affect the stability of alpine grasslands in Asia’s Tibetan Plateau, threatening the ability of farmers and herders to maintain the animals that are key to their existence, and potentially upsetting the ecology of an area in which important regional river systems originate, says a new study by researchers in China and

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America’s First Offshore Wind Energy Makes Landfall in Rhode Island

America's first offshore wind farm will connect today to Block Island, a small, pork chop-shaped landmass off the tip of Long Island. For Cliff McGinnes, a co-owner of the Block Island Power Company, the transition to wind energy can't come soon enough. For decades, McGinnes's company ferried up to a million gallons of diesel fuel

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4 Lessons for Entrepreneurs From Africa’s Solar Industry

In my opinion, the next hotbed of innovation is Africa, specifically the nations of South Africa, Rwanda and Kenya. Numerous industries are being disrupted at the moment, from the African mobile money market -- the undisputed leader of which is Kenyan startup M-Pesa -- to job hunting, by South Africa’s Giraffe, a mobile recruitment app for low-income

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Off-grid systems are smart way to power all Kenyans

Kenya’s rate of electrification is one of the fastest in the world. It is part of an audacious plan by the Government to provide universal access to energy by 2020 in the context of Vision 2030. Much has been said about the Last Mile Connectivity Programme. But I believe Kenya will achieve its electrification goals

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India Will Become World’s 3rd Largest Solar Market This Year

India is set to overtake Japan as the world’s third-largest solar power market this year, a Taiwanese research firm has predicted. According to EnergyTrend, the global solar PV demand is expected to remain stable at 74 gigawatts this year while India is expected to see sustained growth. The research claims that growth in China’s solar

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