3 steps for creating your company’s renewable energy strategy

At the Global Climate Action Summit this fall, stakeholders from around the globe will meet in San Francisco to discuss how we can take climate ambition to the next level. Business can play a significant leadership role in accelerating the transition to a lower-carbon economy, and as we have seen through initiatives such as the

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Geologists Find Anomalies, Pieces of Mantle Found Rising Under Cascadia Fault

With four years of data from 268 seismometers on the ocean floor and several hundred on land, researchers have found anomalies in the upper mantle below both ends of the Cascadia Subduction Zone. They may influence the location, frequency and strength of earthquake events along the U.S. Pacific Northwest. The anomalies, which reflect regions with

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Earth at risk of heading towards ‘hothouse Earth’ state

An international team of scientists has published a study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) showing that even if the carbon emission reductions called for in the Paris Agreement are met, there is a risk of Earth entering what the scientists call “Hothouse Earth” conditions. A “Hothouse Earth” climate will in the

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Colorado Company Jump-starts Mini-Grid Development in Africa

Looking to boost badly needed decentralized energy in Sub-Saharan Africa, a business-to-business microgrid company in Boulder, Colo. says it has jump-started a pipeline of more than 550 mini-grid projects via its web-based project management software. Odyssey Energy Solutions is streamlining development of mini-grids (the term used in Africa for microgrids) via software tools that link

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5 Facts You Should Know About Energy Poverty

Imagine what life would be like without access to modern-day energy sources, like electricity. This is energy poverty. For millions of poor people across the globe, their livelihoods, well-being and health are affected by the harmful energy options they are left with. Here are five facts you should know about energy poverty. Living without electricity

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There can be no sustainable development without profound changes in food systems

"There can be no sustainable development without profound changes in food systems". This call for change was issued by an international group of experts dubbed the "Milano Group" (see box), whose members have written an article published in the journal Agronomy for Sustainable Development. Agriculture, the world's biggest employer Food systems are not just vital

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A step closer to sustainable energy from seawater

The research group led by Leiden chemist Marc Koper has discovered a catalyst that minimizes the production of chlorine gas during salt water electrolysis. The invention can enable the direct production of hydrogen from seawater. The article has been published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. "In the electrolysis of salt water, such

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The Sun Powers a Women’s Bakery in Brazil’s Semi-arid Northeast

POMBAL, Brazil, Aug 2 2018 (IPS) - “The sun which used to torment us now blesses us,” said one of the 19 women who run the Community Bakery of Varzea Comprida dos Oliveiras, a settlement in the rural area of Pombal, a municipality of the state of Paraiba, in Brazil’s semi-arid Northeast. “Without solar energy

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Mass timber: Thinking big about sustainable construction

The construction and operation of all kinds of buildings uses vast amounts of energy and natural resources. Researchers around the world have therefore been seeking ways to make buildings more efficient and less dependent on emissions-intensive materials. Now, a project developed through an MIT class has come up with a highly energy-efficient design for a

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Possible connection between U.S. tornado activity, Arctic sea ice

The effects of global climate change taking place in the Arctic may influence weather much closer to home for millions of Americans, researchers report. The United States has experienced many changes in severe-weather behavior over the past decade, including fewer tornado touchdowns than in the past. A new study suggests that atmospheric circulation changes that

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Heatwave and climate change having negative impact on our soil say experts

The recent heatwave and drought could be having a deeper, more negative effect on soil than we first realised say scientists. This could have widespread implications for plants and other vegetation which, in turn, may impact on the entire ecosystem. That's because the organisms in soil are highly diverse and responsible not only for producing

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Does sustainability lead to better companies?

We debate an age-old chicken-and-egg question when we get together with other sustainability leaders: Are sustainable businesses more successful? Or are successful businesses more sustainable? And, honestly, does it really matter which came first? Sustainability and good business go hand in hand, whether sustainability drives business results or is the result of good business practices.

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Think Your Business Can’t Afford a Sustainability Certification?

Twenty years ago, a company could say it was sustainable and consumers would get excited with little questioning. But in an era of greenwashing lawsuits, consumers are demanding transparency when a business claims it's socially or environmentally responsible. To meet these demands, many organizations have turned to third-party sustainability certifications. Given the recent emergence of

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Tesla’s Business Model More Similar To Amazon’s Than You Think

Tesla is more than just a car company. According to Miriam Tuerk at Forbes, “The electric-car company is working to decentralize power distribution and offer an alternative to today’s utility… Tesla is demonstrating that if the challenge goes unmet by traditional power utility companies, they’ll have their lunch stolen.” Tesla first took on the auto industry, “reinventing

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Carbon ‘leak’ may have warmed the planet for 11,000 years, encouraging human civilization

The warmth of that period was stabilized by a gradual rise in global carbon dioxide levels, so understanding the reason for that rise is of great interest, said Daniel Sigman, the Dusenbury Professor of Geological and Geophysical Sciences at Princeton. Scientists have proposed various hypotheses for that carbon dioxide increase, but its ultimate cause has

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ASU helping Pakistan take on energy sustainability challenges

A lack of sustainable energy sources in far-flung underdeveloped regions is among the most daunting roadblocks to quality of life still plaguing much of the world. The challenge is not only technological — requiring advances in engineering and science — but also economic, cultural, educational and governmental. Those causal factors figure into the pursuits of

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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wind Power

10. Human civilizations have harnessed wind power for thousands of years. Early forms of windmills used wind to crush grain or pump water. Now, modern wind turbines use the wind to create electricity. Learn how a wind turbine works. 9. Today’s wind turbines are much more complicated machines than the traditional prairie windmill. A wind turbine

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Top 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Solar Energy

Installing a concentrating solar power system in Gila Bend, Arizona. The curved mirrors are tilted toward the sun, focusing sunlight on tubes that run the length of the mirrors. The reflected sunlight heats a fluid flowing through the tubes. The hot fluid then is used to boil water in a conventional steam-turbine generator to produce

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Glaciers in East Antarctica also ‘imperiled’ by climate change, UCI researchers find

A team of scientists from the University of California, Irvine has found evidence of significant mass loss in East Antarctica’s Totten and Moscow University glaciers, which, if they fully collapsed, could add 5 meters (16.4 feet) to the global sea level. In a paper published this week in the American Geophysical Union journal Geophysical Research

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Time is running out in the tropics: Researchers warn of global biodiversity collapse

A global biodiversity collapse is imminent unless we take urgent, concerted action to reverse species loss in the tropics, according to a major scientific study in the journal Nature. In their paper 'The future of hyperdiverse tropical ecosystems' an international team has warned that a failure to act quickly and decisively will greatly increase the

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