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More and More CEOs Are Taking Their Social Responsibility Seriously

Jana Partners, the activist hedge fund, isn’t known as a tree-hugging hippie sort of firm. Yet, last month it joined with the California State Teachers’ Retirement System to send a letter to Apple’s board warning about the effects of the company’s devices on children. The same month, Blackrock CEO Larry Fink sent a letter telling

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New law to be tough on use of ‘social enterprise’

Business and individuals have been warned not to use the designation “social enterprise” to advertise their businesses under a proposed legislation. If they used the words without official approval, they could be fined Bt2,000 a day for every day of business operation. The new law to govern social enterprises is expected to be implemented in

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4 Trends That Will Help Executives Create A Better World

The Fourth Industrial Revolution promises to change the way we live and work by marrying physical assets with digital technologies like analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies and the internet of things (IoT). Executives worldwide believe it’s going to be a change for the better. In a recent report from Deloitte and Forbes Insights, "The Fourth Industrial

Demystifying social entrepreneurship—a data-driven approach

The rich textual data contained in years worth of fellowship applications provides a unique opportunity to analyze the pool of applications and perhaps gain insights into trends and what makes applicants successful in achieving social impact. We believe such insights could help the broader community of social entrepreneurs to better direct their efforts and magnify

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A 5-step guide to fundraising for social entrepreneurs

Fundraising is the simplest job on paper, but the hardest in execution. When investors think of startups, they think of profitability and big returns. But as a social enterprise, the playing field is different. You are trying to gain profits and returns, no doubt, but while creating large-scale social change. This can be difficult to

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Central Ohio becoming social-enterprise ‘hub’

The concept of social enterprises – businesses and organizations that focus both on making a profit and a positive impact on people – isn’t new. A well-known example is Goodwill Industries International, which pioneered offering “a hand up, not a handout” in 1902. What’s new is the explosive growth of such operations, especially in central

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Social Enterprise Greenhouse’s Dickson on 14 Businesses Taking Part in Newest Program

Rhode Island's Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEG) Impact Accelerator and Loan Program Manager Annie Dickson appeared on GoLocal LIVE with GoLocal News Editor Kate Nagle to discuss the 14 Rhode Island-based social impact businesses are set to begin the Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEG) Accelerator program on January 23, 2018. The Accelerator, SEG’s social enterprise development program,

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Companies from DuPont to Microsoft drive social innovation

"I had never heard of social purpose before, but it intrigued me. After learning about it, I was convinced and drafted a social purpose for my business." This quote is from a business leader who recently attended a United Way workshop as part of its new social purpose business series. With this action, the leader joined

Social enterprise brings multilingual university students to non-profits

Any bilingual person find the okay word or the right word translating on the fly, but the better word, or the most precise word separate those who translate and interpret as a discipline. Being bilingual isn’t enough, Mary Jayne McCullough told seven interns around a table recently at Global Wordsmiths, a year-old social enterprise she

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Year of Champions: Surgeon leaves her job to help the homeless

Sadly, a small percentage of Malaysians still live in very harrowing situations, including poverty and being homeless. But thankfully, there are also good people who not only have a strong desire to make a change in these unfortunate people’s lives, but also, go out and do it. One of them is Dr Sharminithevi Paramalingam, 37.

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This Hot Chicken-Fueled Social Enterprise Is Changing Lives

Joe DeLoss isn’t even all that into hot chicken. Sure, he prides himself on the mouth-watering grub he’s peddling. But the 32-year-old founder of Columbus hot spot Hot Chicken Takeover frequently admits that the chicken itself is a bit of a means to an end. Despite the fact that he spent months perfecting his recipes, despite the fact

Alumni startup combines social impact, corporate gifting

USC alumni are sparking change by combining social impact with corporate gifting. After spending years working in both nonprofit and corporate fields, USC alumna Laura Hertz launched Gifts for Good, a full-fledged social enterprise company which has already funded a year of drinking water for nearly 900 people in Central Africa. “We’re all over the

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Making Poverty History Is The Best Job In Government

Poor old Penny Mordaunt, says Ian Birrell in The Times. He seems to think that she’s got the worst job in government but I disagree. While other new Cabinet Ministers struggle with crises they inherit from their predecessor, she’s been given a political and policy platform to secure her own place in history. On Channel 4 News

Can Business Help Heal the World?

As world leaders prepare to descend on Davos, Switzerland for the 48th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, the mood music is undeniably fractious. Divisions loom large in socio-political discourse, and strategic fissures have emerged across multiple international fronts. Delegates in Davos are being encouraged to confront the challenges head-on under this year’s ambitious theme, “Creating

Why the Rewards for Ambitious Problem Solving Are About to Get Bigger

A decade ago, Microsoft was considered a dinosaur. It had missed the shift to mobile, was out of step with consumer tastes, and seemed too big and slow to adapt to a digital world that was moving at hyperspeed. Yet today the company is thriving again, largely driven by its growing cloud business. This is not

Silicon Valley VC to unite liberals and conservatives over basic income

Sam Altman, the president of Silicon Valley's most prestigious startup accelerator, Y Combinator, is one of the leading voices in Silicon Valley calling for a radical economic idea called basic income. The idea is meant to lift people from poverty by affording them a supplemental, no-strings-attached income on a regular basis. Many proponents have given their

Lessons from Sweden in sustainable business

There is an increasing trend among companies across the globe to report on their sustainability. As well as information on the company’s economic performance, this includes information on how it is handling social, ethical and environmental concerns. It is a trend driven by customers, suppliers, employees and banks in recognition that these are just as