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Meet The Social Entrepreneur Behind Africa’s “Uber For The Farm”

Uber’s ride-sharing technology has become ubiquitous over the last 10 years, and its model has been adapted to everything from snow-plowing to dog-walking services. Now, social entrepreneur Jehiel Oliver and his organization, Hello Tractor, have demonstrated another use: fighting poverty and scarcity in Africa’s remote rural communities. That fight is especially critical for the continent’s

Sustainable business for the disadvantaged

INSPIRED to make a difference after watching the documentary Born Into Brothels, Suraj Upadhiah decided to go to India after completing junior college, to learn more about the lives of children born to brothel workers. His experiences there stirred a deep interest in advancing social responsibility causes and community projects both locally and globally. He

Why Social Entrepreneurs Gathered At Windsor Castle

Twenty miles (32 kilometers) west of London sprawl the grounds and fortifications of Windsor Castle. This was first constructed almost a millennia ago by William the Conqueror after he crossed the channel from France and scored a victory against Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings. The purpose and form of the castle

Re-defining Corporate Behaviors and Norms Through More-Holistic Assessment

All the organizations I have worked with over the past two decades—both NGOs and big business—have had a sense of urgency about making progress on environmental and social goals. All have understood that acting on sustainability is not only in society’s long-term best interest, but also can and should be an economic upside to operations.

These social entrepreneurs have paved the way to success

As the number of social startups continues to increase on a yearly basis, they are driven by charismatic leaders and entrepreneurs dedicated to implementing their visions for the benefit of society. Not everyone is cut out for the heavy responsibility of a social entrepreneur, and even the most dedicated and driven people come up short

How A Startup Could Save America’s National Parks

Parks Project is a new outdoor lifestyle brand with a sole purpose: save the U.S. national parks. After a weekend volunteering in the Santa Monica mountains, friends Keith Eshelman and Sevag Kazanci were struck by the challenges facing America's underfunded and underappreciated national parks. Inspired by their time working for social enterprise company TOMS, the two

The Rise of the Social Enterprise: Why Corporate Citizenship is Crucial

As the nature of work changes, so too does our understanding of careers. This is one of the most important trends covered in Deloitte’s 100-page 2018 Global Human Capital Trends Report. While 84% of respondents who took part in Deloitte’s survey deemed the ability to build a 21st-century career as “important” or “very important,” only 37%

Social innovation skills: what are they?

Addressing the grand challenges of the future is impossible without widened participation in social innovation. If so, it makes a great deal of sense to consciously nurture the skill sets that enable successful social innovation by diverse individuals and teams. However, what exactly are these skills? Social innovation skills – unchartered waters Surprising as it

MicroVest Sees Microfinance Shifting to Small Business

Microfinance—the business of investing in financial institutions that make loans to low-income entrepreneurs in developing countries—is a form of investing for social good that long predates the decade-old impact investing market. Today, microfinance is a key part of many impact portfolios, representing 9% of assets held by impact investors surveyed by the Global Impact Investing

To Be Successful, New Study Says Business Should Lead With This

Eighty-five percent of Americans say they would likely support a purpose-driven company in their community, while more than two-thirds (68%) say they would want to work for that company. This and other insightful data was just published in the 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study from public relations agency Porter Novelli who recently announced the launch of its global Purpose Practice, specializing in

How To Create A Business That Does Good With A Social Enterprise

A social enterprise is an enterprise where at least 50% of the profits are invested back into a charitable cause. The aim is to have a social mission and to make a social impact. Well known examples in the UK include The Big Issue, Divine Chocolate and the Eden Project but there are over 80,000 social enterprises throughout the country contributing £24 billion

Sustainability knowledge growing in importance

Sustainability knowledge has become fundamental to business success, according to new research from the Supply Chain Sustainability School of Australia. The research revealed a significant jump in the importance of sustainability knowledge for property, construction and infrastructure businesses, with 63 per cent of respondents reporting that it has become more important over the past twelve

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Does sustainability lead to better companies?

We debate an age-old chicken-and-egg question when we get together with other sustainability leaders: Are sustainable businesses more successful? Or are successful businesses more sustainable? And, honestly, does it really matter which came first? Sustainability and good business go hand in hand, whether sustainability drives business results or is the result of good business practices.

Supporting social enterprises

You could say that supporting social enterprises is an easy way to do good in the world – if you have to buy hand soap or toilet paper anyway, why not buy from a social enterprise to support someone else changing the world? But how much of a difference does it really make? We crunch

The Social Enterprise: A New Paradigm for Business Leadership

Over the past few years we’ve seen an enormous change in the political and social landscape. Topics like nationalism, immigration, discrimination and bias have become CEO-level issues, and business leaders have been pulled into the conversation. Deloitte Consulting LLP’s newest research shows that today, whether you like it or not, every business decision you make

Business that lends sight to the blind wins tech award

A phone app that enables blind people to video call sighted volunteers to help them won a technology award on Tuesday, amid growing interest in businesses that support vulnerable groups. Be My Eyes - a Danish company that allows some 87,000 people who have downloaded the free app to request assistance in situations where vision

The Competitive Advantage of Social Enterprises

Ann Yang and Phil Wong were the darlings of their local startup world in Washington, DC. The precocious founders established their venture, Misfit Juicery, while they were still Georgetown University undergraduates. Their idea was simple: Take fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away, and turn them into cold-pressed juice. Based on this simple idea,

Here is Why Social Entrepreneurs are Silent Revolutionaries

Often, large-scale social problems such as poverty, energy, waste, water, education, health and jobs are the responsibility of the State. However, these problems are complex in nature and need the innovativeness and agility that an enterprise can bring to the table for it to be solved. State Institutions lack typical characteristics that enterprises have –

‘Pay what you feel’: the supermarket giving wasted food new life

A man places his shopping bag on the counter filled with canned goods, fruit, vegetables and a loaf of bread. He passes it to a woman, who weighs the bag, while her colleague makes a note on a clipboard. Then they wish him luck. “Come back soon,” 19-year-old Vincent Hui tells him. No money changes