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Volkswagen Can Cure Neurotic German Investors

Volkswagen AG and Siemens AG are two of Germany’s most important industrial companies. Both have suffered scandals in the past decade. But in at least one key respect they’re now poles apart.  If you asked an ordinary VW employee what the carmaker's share price is, I’d wager many couldn’t answer. But there’s a strong chance

Millennials are driving a shift in how the ultra-wealthy manage their money

Regular people put their money into a savings account or hand it over to a financial adviser to manage. But the wealthiest tend to pull out a few more stops, and in some cases establish entire teams, referred to as family offices, that are staffed with financial professionals dedicated to building and managing their vast wealth. A new

Mathematics predicts a sixth mass extinction

In the past 540 million years, the Earth has endured five mass extinction events, each involving processes that upended the normal cycling of carbon through the atmosphere and oceans. These globally fatal perturbations in carbon each unfolded over thousands to millions of years, and are coincident with the widespread extermination of marine species around the

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Why Aren’t More Americans Ditching Their Cigarettes?

After voluminous research studies, numerous lawsuits and millions of deaths linked to cigarettes, it might seem likely that Americans now properly understand the risks of smoking. But they don’t, according to Stanford scholars Jon Krosnick and Neil Malhotra. Their recent study shows that despite most Americans’ recognizing that smoking can lead to life-threatening diseases, they

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UBS to Launch Sustainable Investing Indexes – Barron’s

UBS (UBS) soon plans to push further into sustainable investing with a series of indexes that can be used to create ETFs and other investment products for retail investors, annuities and retirement funds. The indexes will include a global sustainability index and indexes aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, like eliminating hunger. The global bank, which has

Decade of data shows FEMA flood maps missed 3 in 4 claims

An analysis of flood claims in several southeast Houston suburbs from 1999 to 2009 found that the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s 100-year flood plain maps — the tool that U.S. officials use to determine both flood risk and insurance premiums — failed to capture 75 percent of flood damages from five serious floods, none of

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Sleep Deprivation is an Effective Anti-depressant for Nearly Half of Depressed Patients

PHILADELPHIA – Sleep deprivation – typically administered in controlled, inpatient settings – rapidly reduces symptoms of depression in roughly half of depression patients, according the first meta-analysis on the subject in nearly 30 years, from researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Partial sleep deprivation (sleep for three to four hours

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DGK marking century of service

Many factors are responsible for the longevity of DGK Insurance and Financial Services, which will be celebrating 100 years of service on Saturday, Sept. 16. An independent broker located in Factoryville, DGK provides insurance coverage and other services to individuals, businesses and other entities. Through numerous disasters and catastrophes, DGK has been a major player

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What Employees’ Financial Unwellness is Costing Their Companies

Financial wellness means being in a place where you are spending and saving your money thoughtfully, where your behaviors and thinking around your personal finances contribute positively to your short-term and long-term goals. In our money journeys, we’re always working towards more powerful thinking about our finances, which leads to less stress, and ultimately, more

Mind the gaps: Reducing hunger by improving yields on small farms

One of the most urgent challenges we face in the next several decades is feeding a growing world population without irreparably damaging Earth’s land, air and water systems. Nearly 800 million people worldwide are undernourished today. The U.N.‘s Sustainable Development Goals call for ending hunger and achieving food security by 2030. The world is making progress

Could edible insects help global food security?

Consumer attitudes are being put to the test at Adelaide Central Market with an offering of roasted crickets and ants, mealworm cookies and cricket energy bars. "We want to further investigate consumers' attitudes towards edible insects, evaluate taste preferences and consumers' willingness to buy such products," says Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Anna Crump, who's working on

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Cannot sleep due to stress? Here is the cure

Everyone empirically knows that stressful events certainly affect sound sleep. Scientists in the Japanese sleep institute found that the active component rich in sugarcane and other natural products may ameliorate stress and help having sound sleep. In today's world ever-changing environment, demanding job works and socio-economic factors enforces sleep deprivation in human population. Sleep deprivation

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America’s terrible racial wealth divide is undermining the middle class

America is heading toward “a racial and economic apartheid state.” As the country becomes more diverse, today’s wealth gaps between whites and non-whites are poised to grow unless government policies helping people build personal wealth are reformed. That is the takeaway from a dramatic new report, “The Road to Zero Wealth,” co-authored by the Institute for Policy

Building the Case for Impact: New Alliance Unites Profit and Purpose

So, you want to spend a career building wealth without regard for its impact on the environment, economy and society, and then allocate a small portion of this later in life through grant-making to create a favorable legacy? Why not get it right from the beginning, a win-win for all stakeholders that generate positive impacts

Measuring Financial Wellness Program ROI Is Difficult

Organizations expect the return on investment (ROI) to justify the expense of offering financial wellness programs, but calculating that figure is not an exact science. A better barometer, according to Ernst & Young, and one which indicates employees value the benefit enough to use it, is employee engagement. Among the 200 HR professionals the firm

D&H Distributing Wins Five Industry, National, and Regional Awards Since June

D&H Distributing, the leading North American computer products and consumer electronics distributor, announces it has won a significant roster of national, industry, and regional awards since June of 2017, including a top-125 spot on Forbes magazine's list of America's Largest Private Companies. An ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company and family-owned business with more than $3.5 billion

Air Conditioning System Beams Excess Heat Into Space–And Uses 70 Percent Less Energy

Air conditioning use takes a toll on the electrical grid--and on wallets. Now, a California startup has a space-age idea for changing that. SkyCool Systems, a company spun out of Stanford, has created a system that could change the way people cool their homes. It doesn't just involve keeping your home or office pleasant. The system will

Exposure to pet and pest allergens during infancy linked to reduced asthma risk

Children exposed to high indoor levels of pet or pest allergens during infancy have a lower risk of developing asthma by 7 years of age, new research reveals. The findings may provide clues for the design of strategies to prevent asthma from developing. More at NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

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Copper catalyst yields high efficiency CO2-to-fuels conversion

Scientists have developed a new electrocatalyst that can directly convert carbon dioxide into multicarbon fuels and alcohols using record-low inputs of energy. The work is the latest in a round of studies tackling the challenge of a creating a clean chemical manufacturing system that can put carbon dioxide to good use. More at DOE/Lawrence Berkeley

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Driving capital to impact investing with an eye on 2030

In July, several aid groups came together to tackle what the United Nations called the biggest humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II: More than 20 million people in 10 African countries were at risk of famine. Aid groups pulled together under the umbrella of the Global Emergency Response Coalition and went to