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Why can’t we cure the common cold?

The common cold has the twin distinction of being both the world’s most widespread infectious disease and one of the most elusive. The name is a problem, for starters. In almost every Indo-European language, one of the words for the disease relates to low temperature, yet experiments have shown that low temperature neither increases the

Valuing Social Impact Expertise in Impact Investing

When it comes to driving social progress, good intentions and a big heart are not enough to guide good decisions. Moving the needle requires skilled professionals who have experience creating social change. Unfortunately, our research shows that when it comes to impact investing, financiers don’t value such expertise and wisdom as much as they should.

Hydrogen fuel from water by harnessing red and near-infrared regions of sunlight

A catalyst that can combine fuel cells and solar cells has been successfully developed in a joint effort by a research group headed by Professor Seiji Ogo, the International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER)/ Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University, in collaboration with Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. Previously, next-generation fuel cells and solar cells

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Why these Amish live longer and healthier: An internal ‘Fountain of Youth’

The first genetic mutation that appears to protect against multiple aspects of biological aging in humans has been discovered in an extended family of Old Order Amish living in the vicinity of Berne, Indiana, report Northwestern Medicine scientists. An experimental “longevity” drug that recreates the effect of the mutation is now being tested in human

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Study: Added Arctic data show warming didn’t pause

Gaps in Arctic temperature data caused a misperception that global warming slowed from 1998 to 2012, according to a new study in the journal Nature Climate Change. A University of Alaska Fairbanks professor and his colleagues in China built the first data set of surface temperatures from across the world that significantly improves representation of

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World Food Programme’s 5 steps to zero hunger

The World Food Programme is aiming to stop global hunger by 2030, and Mastercard has been working with the organisation to help raise funds, provide the technology for vital food assistance and thereby help people in desperate need. The WFP has five key initiatives to achieve Zero Hunger by the end of the next decade,

Before splurging on gifts, gauge employee financial wellness

Are your employees fiscally fit? While you might recognize when an employee feels physically unwell, financial wellness can be much more difficult to comprehend. Many employers don’t realize how financially “unwell” employees today are. Financial wellness is a balance between living comfortably today and preparing wisely for the future. Employees should be able to meet

What can impact due diligence tools do for you?

A vocal minority of impact investing practitioners have long espoused that impact measurement is a waste of time and resources because it distracts investors from their primary objective: to support the growth of businesses tackling real social and environmental challenges. That position is no longer defensible. While impact investors recognize they must strike a careful

Chuck & Don’s shifting to employee-owned business

The owners of Chuck & Don's, the growing Twin Cities pet-supplies chain, are gradually turning over control of the fast-growing pet-supplies retailer to employees. The Star Tribune reports on the process, launched by chain owners Bob Hartzell, and Chuck Anderson four years ago. Both men are in their 70s and were looking for a way to turn the business over

Better business: Calls to improve financial literacy

The industry might be working hard with the regulator to make financial services accessible to more people, but there is still a knowledge gap, which is putting adults at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding about how to save or invest. Tom McPhail, Hargeaves Lansdown head of policy, said the government needs to do

The Investment Gap that Threatens the Planet

The growing threat of climate change is no longer a matter of contentious scientific debate. Climate scientists now agree that humanity’s “carbon budget”—the cumulative sum of greenhouse gases that humanity can emit while avoiding the worst effects of climate change—will be exhausted by roughly 2040 at current emission rates. While all levels of warming carry

A new role for first responders: providing in-home health care

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Dedalo Sousa, an 85-year-old with type 2 diabetes, has seen the inside of a hospital more times than he can remember. He has a regular doctor. But sometimes, “when he gets scary things, we don’t want to wait for his doctor visit,” said Sousa’s wife, Emilia Torres. Once it was a cyst

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How Driverless Cars Could Drive Even Deeper Economic Inequality

Trulia’s chief economist says that as the wealthy move to the exurbs and work in their cars during their long commutes, it will change the fabric of our communities. How can we fix it? The reports of suburbia’s death have been greatly exaggerated. The emergence of driverless cars–like past innovations in transportation technology–will actually put

Sun, wind and water: Africa’s renewable energy set to soar by 2022

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - Strong demand is set to give a huge boost to renewable energy growth in Sub-Sahara Africa over the next five years, driving cumulative capacity up more than 70 percent, a senior international energy official said on Wednesday. From Ethiopia to South Africa, millions of people are getting access to electricity for

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The pocket guide to impact investing financial performance

Like you, we get a pile of white papers on impact investing. Unlike you (understandably), we try to read them! So we’re grateful to the Global Impact Investing Network for a handy cheat sheet of the last couple years of research on impact investing financial performance. To better inform investment decisions and attract new participants to the

Financial literacy should begin with a paycheck

Does your new employee have a savings account? Does he or she know how to budget a paycheck? These are important questions since the whole reason companies offer a salary and benefits is to make employees feel compensated and valued. If employees don't know how to manage money or don't understand the benefits on offer,

The Often Overlooked Solution to Income Inequality

Over the past few decades, as factories have closed as those jobs have become increasingly more automated or sent overseas, hospitals have remained in urban centers. Many of those institutions now serve the same economic function of early industry leaders. In my hometown of Pittsburgh, for example, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center now occupies