5 Awesome Budgeting Apps For 2018 And Beyond

////5 Awesome Budgeting Apps For 2018 And Beyond

5 Awesome Budgeting Apps For 2018 And Beyond

If you feel like your finances are out of control, it’s likely that you’re not using a budgeting tool, and today’s best budgeting tools are apps. It’s no surprise that so many who feel helpless with money aren’t using the tools available to them. Let’s solve that. Below are five apps that will get you on track and rock your finances.

5 Apps We Love

YNAB or You Need a Budget has grown from being a simple app to a vast community of users. They have one of the strongest communities online, with a great money blog and free online classes to help users improve their financial wellness. There’s a lot of value for the $6.99 a month fee.

Pros:  YNAB has both a web version as well as the iOS and Android apps

  • YNAB works like the envelope system in that users assign a “job” to every dollar they earn, something that Todd Tresidder said is the key for early retirement on an episode of the Queer Money™ podcast
  • YNAB app starts users off easily with a significant list of preset spending categories to automatically align with their transactions

Cons:  There is a $6.99/month fee to use the app, which many YNABers feel is well worth it due to the progress they’ve made, students get one-year free and then a 10% discount the following year

Mint is the personal finance tool offered by Intuit, the makers of Turbo Tax, Quickbooks and Payroll. The Mint app has been available for years and is quite robust.

Pros: Mint has both a web interface and its iOS and Android apps

  • Both the web and app versions are granular and perfect for those who are Type A with their money, allowing users to easily divide spending among categories
  • Mint regularly offers suggestions for credit card offers and other services that help users save money
  • The Intuit MintLife blog at mint.com offers a host of advice to help readers improve their finances and money mindset

 Cons: Mint needs struggles with duplicate accounts, meaning couples who both have the same account with different logins, removing them isn’t intuitive and typically results in all the accounts with that login being removed rather than individual, duplicative accounts

  • The web interface can sometimes be overwhelming for beginners

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