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Take 5: How Companies Benefit from Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility has been a buzzword for a while. And it’s not hard to see how communities stand to benefit when firms are serious about CSR—be it by participating in a clean water

Three Reminders When Seeking To Fund Social Change In The Developing World

Acts of philanthropy, or ‘love of humanity’ are at the forefront of society these days. Rising rates in impact investment, strategic philanthropy, and crowdfunding all point to a growing desire to see radical social change

Make a difference — disinvest from guns

Corporate America and Wall Street have spent the last two weeks coming to terms with a reality they have long sought to avoid: that business and investment decisions about guns affect society. This has led

Employee Ownership

Pace of Business Conversions to Employee Ownership Accelerates

Quick: what do a grocer in Sonoma County, California; a bookstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts; a real estate company in Columbus, Ohio; and a coffee house in Rock City, Maine have in common? Answer: all four

Employees take ownership gradually at Oliver’s Markets in Sonoma County

In most businesses, the owner works harder than anybody. The extra push beyond just the paycheck comes rewarded by equity in a company that grows in value. Oliver’s Market, with nearly $175 million in sales

Strategic Financial Solutions now employee owned

Strategic Financial Solutions, which has targeted growing to at least 1,500 jobs in Amherst in the next few years, is now employee owned. The New York City-based company took the step through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan


Sustainable cities need more than parks, cafes and a riverwalk

There are many indexes that aim to rank how green cities are. But what does it actually mean for a city to be green or sustainable? We’ve written about what we call the “parks, cafes

Air pollution linked to brain alterations and cognitive impairment in children

A new study performed in the Netherlands has linked exposure to residential air pollution during fetal life with brain abnormalities that may contribute to impaired cognitive function in school-age children. The study, published in Biological

Researchers figured out how to generate power from falling raindrops

One of the biggest problems plaguing the widespread adoption of solar power is, quite simply, rainy weather. Solar panels are designed to convert sunlight into electricity. But when it's cloudy or rainy, they're rendered useless.

Poverty and Prosperity

Extreme inequality in the US is making a major economic problem even worse

US inequality has become so extreme that hyperbolic headlines about how much wealth is in the hands of a few families in this country have ceased to shock. But economists are increasingly worried that inequality is

Great Recession still plagues workers with lower lifetime wages

Losing a job often leads to lower earnings that stretch long beyond the time of unemployment. Yet it’s hard to know exactly what causes these lower lifetime earnings. For displaced workers in Washington state during

“Separate and unequal:” 50 years later, a landmark report on US racial inequality still resonates

Our nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white—separate and unequal.” This was the main conclusion of the US National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders in a scathing 1968 report (pdf). In the summer of 1967,


An Equal Playing Field?

Do we all begin life on an equal playing field, with a more-or-less similar starting package that makes us all masters of our own destiny? Not quite. A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that

GE’s healthymagination Mother and Child Programme Graduates its Second Group of Social Entrepreneurs

GE (www.GE.com) and Santa Clara University’s Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship will graduate 11 social entrepreneurs who completed training and mentorship aimed at accelerating maternal and/or child health outcomes in Africa. The programme culminates in

Fiber-fermenting bacteria improve health of type 2 diabetes patients

The fight against type 2 diabetes may soon improve thanks to a pioneering high-fiber diet study led by a Rutgers University–New Brunswick professor. Promotion of a select group of gut bacteria by a diet high

Impact Investing

A Plan To Launch Incubators For Impact Entrepreneurs–And Build Ecosystems

Laurie Lane-Zucker is all about building impact investing ecosystems. With that in mind, the founder of Impact Entrepreneur, a mega-group on LinkedIn, and an impact consultant,  is planning to launch Impact Inside. The initiative aims to

Impact Investors Seek to Expand Market

Impact investing has accelerated rapidly in the last several years as more investors—both big institutional firms as well as wealthy families—seek to put capital into enterprises that make a difference for people and the planet

Disruptive technologies’ rising popularity in sustainable startups – Seedrs

In June 2016 Macrebur won the Voom competition organised by Virgin. The startup takes carefully selected plastics from old rubbish and uses it to create stronger asphalt for roads. The following year they turned to equity crowdfunding to raise over £1.3 million on Seedrs. They

Financial Wellness (also on sister website PFEEF.org)

The Personal Finance Landscape

The reason it’s so hard to master? It’s actually a multi-disciplinary field that requires foundational skills ranging from psychology to negotiation. Navigating the personal finance landscape requires skills or knowledge in the following foundational areas:

Promising Drop in Financial Stress Does a Troubling 180

After six years of reporting increasing confidence in their financial situation, workers’ attitudes took a serious nosedive when thinking about their money issues and how they affect their lives, a recent biannual survey found. According

Workplace stress: A new front for advisers

Workplace stress is often in the eye of the beholder. Some people thrive under pressure from corporate management, for instance, while others avoid it at all costs. But low-key and monotonous jobs, such as assembly

Popular Posts

These Poverty-Fighting Startups Are Slaying Silicon Valley’s Sacred Cows

“One of my ambitions is to help our users put more food on the table,” says Jimmy Chen, the founder of Propel. His company makes a mobile app called FreshEBT that helps people among the U.S.’s

Oxford Conference on Business and Poverty

Welcome to the second annual Oxford Business Fights Poverty Conference. As you view this summary of the conference you will read from a series of topics like Responsible Leadership, Honoring Entrepreneurs, Employee Ownership, Mentoring, Crowdsourcing & Addressing Poverty. Please

Isolationism, Business and War

Wars characterize the twentieth century, with the U.S. featuring as a significant player. The self-pronounced reputation of the U.S. as “rescuer of the world” continued at the turn of the century with 9/11 and the

Current News Feeds

  • Product exclusions from U.S. metals tariffs may take 90 days: document March 17, 2018
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Steel and aluminum users that depend on imported products not available from U.S. producers may have to wait up to 90 days for an exclusion from the Trump administration's new metals tariffs, according to a Commerce Department document.
  • Wall Street's tech love affair might end in tears March 17, 2018
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Outsized returns delivered by Amazon.com , Netflix and other heavyweight technology stocks have made them heroes on Wall Street, but some strategists warn that investors' reliance on them exacerbates the risk of a steep downturn.
  • Microsoft hits back at claims it ignored sexual harassment March 17, 2018
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A senior executive said Microsoft Corp thoroughly investigates issues raised by women in the workplace and fired about 20 employees last year over complaints of sexual harassment as the company seeks to counter claims that it treats female workers unfairly.
  • Boeing moves to keep 777X on track after engine snag March 16, 2018
    SEATTLE (Reuters) - Boeing Co has scrambled to reorganize testing of its new 777X to avoid being delayed by engine snags, while robots and mechanics are starting work on the fuselage, the executive who heads efforts to build the world's largest twin-engined jet said in an interview.
  • Former Qualcomm chairman Jacobs to exit board of directors March 16, 2018
    (Reuters) - Qualcomm Inc on Friday said former executive chairman Paul Jacobs would not be renominated for the U.S. semiconductor company's board after Jacobs disclosed his intention to pursue a long-shot acquisition of the firm.