What income inequality is doing to Americans’ life spans

Two trends stand out in new projections of life expectancy in developed countries released  last week by the Lancet:  The United States, with large income inequalities and a host of other social issues that affect

The robot that takes your job should pay taxes, says Bill Gates

Robots are taking human jobs. But Bill Gates believes that governments should tax companies’ use of them, as a way to at least temporarily slow the spread of automation and to fund other types of

Income inequality linked to export “complexity”

In a series of papers over the past 10 years, MIT Professor César Hidalgo and his collaborators have argued that the complexity of a country’s exports — not just their diversity but the expertise and

Employee Ownership

Alexander Hamilton Loved Employee Ownership. So Should We.

Employee equity ownership of companies has been promoted in the U.S. since the country’s founding. After the Revolutionary War, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton fostered the resurgence of the codfish industry by providing financial subsidies --

US brewery sells itself back to employees

A mid-sized Vermont brewery has become the latest employee-owned craft beer company in the US. On February 8 the Switchback Brewing Company in Burlington, VT officially became the first 100 per cent employee-owned brewery in

EuroPharma Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary with Employee Ownership

EuroPharma is marking its 10 year anniversary and in celebration founder and president Terry Lemerond has gifted his employees by signing papers to share ownership of his company with every single one of them. He


U.S. renewables a job engine, trade groups say

A consortium of U.S. clean-energy groups said it was growth in the industries tied to renewable energy that were the ones creating more jobs. Business groups supporting the renewable energy sector in the United States

Just Press Print: 3-D Printing At Home Saves Cash

Interested in making an investment that promises a 100 percent return on your money, and then some? Buy a low-cost, open-source 3-D printer, plug it in and print household items. In a recent study published

Why Wind Turbines Should Talk to Each Other

A wind turbine spinning its blades in a valley in southeast India asks a turbine on a plain in Iowa if it should slow down or speed up its rotation. Sound like the stuff of

Poverty and Prosperity

Giving poor people cash gets them to spend more on good stuff and less on tobacco and alcohol

It is increasingly common for governments to give poor people money. Rather than grant services or particular goods to those in poverty, such as food or housing, governments have found that it is more effective

Why do the poor make such poor decisions?

Our efforts to combat poverty are often based on a misconception: that the poor must pull themselves up out of the mire. But a revolutionary new theory looks at the cognitive effects of living in

America’s Youngest Children Most Likely to Live in Poor Economic Conditions

Out of all age groups, children are still most likely to live in poverty, according to new research from the National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health.


Enormous promise for new parasitic infection treatment

The human whipworm, which infects 500 million people and can damage physical and mental growth, is killed at egg and adult stage by a new drug class developed at the Universities of Manchester and Oxford

U.S. Life Expectancy May Rise to Over 80 by 2030

By 2030, American women will live an average of more than 83 years, while men may reach an average of 80, a new study estimates. These figures are up just slightly from current 2010 estimates.

Drug treatment could combat hearing loss

Each of us is born with about 15,000 hair cells per ear, and once damaged, these cells cannot regrow. However, researchers at MIT, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Massachusetts Eye and Ear have now discovered

Impact Investing

The eight semi-finalists for the $100 million MacArthur grant to solve the world’s biggest social problems

Meet the eight finalists for a $100 million grant to solve the world’s biggest social problems. The MacArthur Foundation, known for awarding the prestigious “genius” grants to people who have distinguished themselves in the arts

What does the sustainable business of the future look like?

The 2017 Global Opportunity report released earlier this week by DNV GL, Sustainia and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The report ranks 15 global sustainability opportunities for firms based upon responses from 5,500 leaders

Will Equity Crowdfunding Accelerate Impact Investing in 2017?

This past May, a new law allowing equity crowdfunding opened a new world of possibilities for social entrepreneurs around the country.  The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) approved Title III, the final part of the

Financial Wellness (also available on sister website

You Don’t Have To Go To College To Save Right

In our new research study which interviewed participants across 10 European countries, our team working with Annamaria Lusardi has demonstrated that financial and risk literacy leads to better choices when it comes to making decisions

When it Comes to Financial Literacy, Fintech Is Dropping the Ball

Americans face serious challenges because we’re doing a terrible job of managing our money, personally and as a nation. Our booming fintech industry should be part of the solution but appears to be part of

For Many Americans, a Tax Refund Is a Useful Financial Planning Tool

It’s tax time, and for more than two-thirds of Americans, their tax refund is the single largest payment they’ll receive all year. Last year, approximately 80 percent of all tax returns resulted in the issuance

Current News Feeds

  • Upstart analysts show banks the way in new era for research February 27, 2017
    LONDON (Reuters) - From a non-descript office in south London, Mark Hiley may be showing the way for Wall Street giants such as JPMorgan and Merrill Lynch to adapt to new European rules requiring them to charge an explicit fee for investment research.
  • Oil gains as bullish bets on rising prices hit record high February 27, 2017
    LONDON (Reuters) - Oil prices rose on Monday as investors showed record confidence in prices rising further, though gains were capped by the prospect of faster growth in U.S. oil production.
  • Anthem and Blue Crosses loom large in Obamacare talks February 27, 2017
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Anthem Inc. and other U.S. health insurers complained to the White House for more than a year that they were losing money on people who waited to sign up for Obamacare coverage until they were sick.
  • LSE scuppers Deutsche Boerse merger hopes by rejecting EU demand February 27, 2017
    LONDON/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The London Stock Exchange has all but ended a planned merger with Deutsche Boerse to create Europe's biggest stock exchange by ruling out a European antitrust demand, saying it has strong prospects alone.
  • Exclusive: Wal-Mart launches new front in U.S. price war, targets Aldi in grocery aisle February 27, 2017
    (Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc is running a new price-comparison test in at least 1,200 U.S. stores and squeezing packaged goods suppliers in a bid to close a pricing gap with German-based discount grocery chain Aldi and other U.S. rivals like Kroger Co , according to four sources familiar with the moves.