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What’s The Difference Between Business Etiquette And Business Ethics?

The rules of both business ethics and business etiquette are the foundations of strong, productive professional relationships. You wouldn’t want to do business with people who worked for an organization that had little regard for

Who becomes an inventor?

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but new research examines what spawns the inventor.

To spur innovation, it helps to have the right environment. And according to a comprehensive analysis by SIEPR Senior

A neighborhood’s cars indicate its politics

From the understated opulence of a Bentley to the stalwart family minivan to the utilitarian pickup, Americans know that the car you drive is an outward statement of personality. You are what you drive, as

Employee Ownership

Zink Foodservice Transitions to Employee Ownership

Zink Foodservice, 40-year old independent manufacturers’ rep firm based in Ohio, has transitioned ownership to its more than 75 employees through an employee stock ownership program. “We have worked very hard at building the organization that

Expanding AHMM becomes latest employee-owned practice

AJ100 big-hitter AHMM has taken advantage of tax rules created in 2014 to become an employee ownership trust (EOT) The move means that employees are now majority owners of the nation’s fourth largest architectural practiceand will

ESOPs should be taxed only when benefits are realized

ESOPs should be taxed only when the benefits are realised by an employee, said a report on taxation in the digital economy. Companies offer stocks to their employees by way of Employee Stock Option Plans


Promote use of improved stoves to save lives and environment

It is estimated that more than 1.6 million children die annually throughout developing countries as a result of exposure to biomass fuel smoke. The use of improved stoves has been promoted in Africa’s rural areas

Conference to focus on sustainable construction using 3D technology

The fifth International Conference on Sustainable Building Materials gets underway this week with a focus on sustainable applications and construction using 3D technology. The event, organized by Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) of Dubai Municipality, will

California Readies $398-Million Green Truck Incentive Package

California wants to turbocharge electric trucking by offering a $398-million round of incentive funding for buyers of the green vehicles. It’s part of the state’s plan to promote technologies that can reduce the harmful effects

Poverty and Prosperity

Poverty rates up in about half of Michigan’s communities

Michigan's economic picture has brightened in recent years, as the unemployment rate dropped and fewer residents found themselves living under the poverty line. But census data released today show residents throughout the state are still

UN poverty official touring Alabama’s Black Belt: ‘I haven’t seen this’ in the First World

A United Nations official who tours the globe investigating extreme poverty said Thursday that areas of Alabama's Black Belt are suffering the most dire sewage disposal crisis of any place he has visited in a

The surprising factors driving murder rates: income inequality and respect

A 17-year-old boy shoots a 15-year-old stranger to death, apparently believing that the victim had given him a dirty look. A Chicago man stabs his stepfather in a fight over whether his entry into his parents’ house without knocking was


Stamping out smoking, saving babies with clean sheets: lessons from the frontlines of public health

When Donna Shalala decided to tackle smoking during her tenure as Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton, she knew that it was going to take more than a new ad campaign

Understanding the voices in our head

As far our brains are concerned, talking to ourselves in our heads may be fundamentally the same as speaking our thoughts out loud, new research shows. The findings may have important implications for understanding why

CRISPR-Cas9 technique targeting epigenetics reverses disease

In a paper appearing in the journal Cell on December 7, scientists at the Salk Institute report a modified CRISPR-Cas9 technique that alters the activity, rather than the underlying sequence, of disease-associated genes. The researchers

Impact Investing

Impact investing in fisheries evolving slowly but surely

Impact investing—investing for social and environmental benefit along with profit—is increasingly playing a leading role in addressing problems plaguing the marine environment. The movement seeks to fund efforts by improving fisheries management, gathering reliable data,

Five Tips For Conscious Investing In 2018

At age 20, I launched my first company from my college dorm room. Since then, I’ve built and invested in companies as diverse as renewable water, sustainable agriculture and financial access. In all of these

More & More Millennials Choosing Socially Responsible & Moral Investing

Over three-quarters of Millennial investors are currently choosing to or are interested in investing their finances in socially responsible and impacting investment options that aim to create positive change in the world, according to a

Financial Wellness (also on sister website PFEEF.org)

Can Firms Help Employees Make Better Retirement Choices?

Retirement savings plans have been in the news lately as Republicans eyed limits on the maximum pretax 401(k) contributions as a way to fund the cuts outlined in their tax proposal. The 401(k) plan has

Is it time to offer financial education as a benefit?

Whether employers realize it or not, they have employees who are distracted at work due to stress about their personal finances. According to a recent report from the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation, one in four workers

Employees’ sense of financial well-being on the decline

The markets might be casting a rosy glow over the economy, but employees aren’t feeling the love. In fact, after several years of steady improvement, according to a new survey by Willis Towers Watson, their feelings have

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Oxford Conference on Business and Poverty

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Current News Feeds

  • Roche, Shire court fight escalates over haemophilia drug December 16, 2017
    ZURICH (Reuters) - Roche's patent dispute with London-listed Shire over the Swiss drugmaker's new haemophilia drug Hemlibra has escalated, with Shire filing a new motion in a U.S. court that Roche says aims to stop some patients from getting its medicine.
  • Sleep problems tied to female infertility December 16, 2017
    (Reuters Health) - Women with sleep disorders other than sleep apnea may be more than three times as likely to experience infertility as their counterparts who don’t have trouble sleeping, a recent study suggests.
  • Hamburger chain Wendy's to reduce antibiotic use in beef supply December 15, 2017
    CHICAGO (Reuters) - Hamburger chain Wendy's Co laid out plans on Friday to trim the use of antibiotics that are important to human medicine from its beef supply, the latest step by a food company to fight concerns about resistance to the drugs in people.
  • Judge blocks Trump administration rules on contraceptive coverage December 15, 2017
    (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Friday blocked President Donald Trump's administration from moving forward with new rules that undermined an Obamacare requirement for employers to provide health insurance that covers women's birth control.
  • Executive function declines long-term after 'transient' brain attacks December 15, 2017
    (Reuters Health) - People who have so-called transient neurological attacks, including brief mini-strokes, may develop cognitive problems that linger for months, a recent study suggests.